Office for Mac, Not Yet Coming on 2013

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After Microsoft announced that an update of its Office for Mac 2011 is in the works, it also confirmed that OS X users could get the Office for Mac 2013. That’s because the software suite is actually reserved for both Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines only. As it turns out, no Office for Mac 2013 is coming next year.

A Sad ‘Office for Mac’ Story

Microsoft was not able to discuss whether the much awaited Office for Mac 2013 is in the works, when the software reached Customer Preview phase last Monday. After that, the company announced during its Office for Mac 2011 update last Wednesday that it has no plans to release a next-generation productivity suite in the future.

As stated by the software giant’s spokesman:

We haven’t announced the next release of Office for Mac.

According to rumors, Office 2013 will support the software suite’s new server-based version, which is said to be highly integrated with the cloud. Just last April, Microsoft suspended its Server Pack 2 update for the Office for Mac 2011 to fix the Outlook bug.

Office for Mac and the Outlook Bug

Just a week after Microsoft released its Office for Mac 2011, the company pulled off its Service Pack 2 auto-updates. That’s because a flaw corrupts the identity databases of its software’s Outlook mail client. As posted on their Microsoft Office Blog:

On April 12th, we released SP2 for Office for Mac 2011. The majority of our customers have been delighted with the improvements—new features and performance. Unfortunately, a small percentage are experiencing some issues with the update, specifically related to the Outlook for Mac database.

Five days after Microsoft first rolled out the SP2 update for its productivity suite, the company posted its apologies and workaround for the said Outlook bug. In fact, the software giant released two workarounds.

The first one deals with users who are yet to install the Office for Mac 2011 SP2, and it has something to do with rebuilding Outlook’s database. The second workaround, on the other hand, is for those who already have the software suite update, and it involves complicated procedure to restore the database’s working condition from an existing backup.

Although Mac users cannot enjoy the cloud features of Office 2013, the Office for Mac 2011 will allow them to access SkyDrive and Office 365. These features allow users to save documents while off-site. The Office for Mac 2011 update is expected to ship early next year, together with the Windows-only Office 2013.

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