Sofia Vergara Becomes Highest Paid TV Actress

For the last three seasons, viewers of ABC’s Modern Family have been enamored with the Colombian-born Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, played by the curvaceous Sofia Vergara.

The popularity of the show has helped Vergara to become one of the most popular actresses last year. We’ve seen her host SNL, endorse numerous products, and became AskMen’s Most Desirable Woman of 2012. With that, she’s also become one of the wealthiest.

Within the last 12 months, Vergara has become the top-earning actress on American television. The Colombian native made $19 million in the last year. While a bulk of that sum came from Modern Family and endorsement deals from Pepsi and Cover Girl, Vergara is also a founder and partner in Latin World Entertainment.

The company was established 16 years ago as a talent-firm based in Miami. Since then, it has become a licensing, marketing, production and a new-media powerhouse. In fact, the company made a profit margin of 20 percent, with 2011 revenues around $27 million. Latin World Entertainment has clients ranging from Disney to Paramount, and its YouTube channel, NuevOn, has sold out of ad inventory to Procter & Gamble through 2013. Clearly, companies are realizing the potential—and future—that Hispanics will have on their products.


But would that be enough for Vergara, who shockingly turned 40 on July 10? Nope. Because she will also will have a clothing line that will be sold in Kmart. That deal made her another $7 million.

This is all amazing for someone who came to the States from Colombia in 1995. Even more amazing, someone who looks like Vergara does. It’s always a plus to see a beautiful and sexy woman with a brain as well.

With Modern Family having about 12 million viewers per episode, and Vergara proving to be a cash cow for products, we will hopefully be treated to lots more of Sofia Vergara.


Image Source: Fotos de Ellos y Ellas

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