Meet ‘The War Z’: the New Zombie Survival MMO Game

Source: The War Z Official Website

Hammerpoint Interactive just announced that it will release a new zombie-survival MMO game, The War Z. Although it will be very similar to another zombie game DayZ, the developers pointed out that The War Z is a stand-alone Massively Multiplayer Online game, while DayZ is an online mod simulator.

More About ‘The War Z’

The War Z will be a full-functional zombie MMO, which is equipped with all features that gamers love. This includes skill points, levels, first-person and third-person shooter options, gigantic maps that can accommodate 250 players at once, player-versus-player and player-versus-environment mode, in-game items, regular service updates, and dedicated public servers.

The game has a long list of impressive features, and this could tempt players who are tired of the uncompromising brutality of DayZ. As Forbes’ Daniel Nye Griffiths describes it:

DayZ in the Secret World of Warcraft, Where You Were Left 4 Dead Near MAG’s Demon Souls.

Arktos and Hammerpoint Partnership

The War Z is a collaboration of game developer, Hammerpoint Interactive, and publisher, Arktos Entertainment Group.

It was reported that Arktos gave a $4 million funding to Hammerpoint in order for the game to materialize. This publisher/investor model is reminiscent of the publisher’s first game, the free-to-play shooter War Inc. Battle Zone. This can also mean that The War Z will be using Arktos’ Eclipse engine.

Meanwhile, the game publisher is yet to reveal whether it has other partners in investing for Hammerpoint on their upcoming The War Z game.

Pricing and Availability

According to Hammerpoint, The War Z will be released as early as fall 2012. The game developer also promised that it will roll out a closed beta this summer. For those who want to join, just log on to The War Z’s official website.

Furthermore, Arktos’ executive producer Sergey Titov shared that the game’s retail copies will be available for PC at $29.99. This will include regular content updates. There will also a micropayment-based store, although no subscription fee is required.

Interesting but Unproven

Although The War Z is almost akin to DayZ, Hammerpoint and Arktos’ game is interesting. However, the game’s list of features is a bit overwhelming, while the partnership behind the title is quite vague.

Quest-drive MMOs can be tricky, as they require developers and publishers to continuously fund their content without making it less fun. Otherwise, non-paying gamers will immediately drop the game even before they are monetized.

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