Meet Mountain Lion’s Calendar and Reminders Apps

Mountain Lion

Source: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion | Apple

Apple has replaced its iCal app with the new Calendar and Reminders apps in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The applications have deep iCloud integration and improved user interface. In addition, the Reminders app now features location-based notifications.

What’s New with Calendar Apps?

The new Calendar apps offers a streamlined interface tweaks like the sidebar Calendar listing. This feature appears when a user clicks on the Calendar button. It doesn’t only show the user’s configured calendar across all his accounts and calendar subscriptions, it also shows or hides a series of monthly calendars.

Source: Calendar on Mountain Lion | Apple

It also boasts a smart search, wherein a user can see possible results by simply typing the beginning of a search query. The search results may include Events with names, as well as people identified with a particular event or location.

There is also the picker popups, which allows a user to select data from the calendar instead of adjusting the numbers of the month and day.

Apple’s Calendar app also features a new Notifications Center integration. Instead of popping up its own reminders, the feature forwards the user notifications to the new central repository in OS X 10.8. That being said, users can now set their notification preference in one place.

Furthermore, when a user turns on the “Birthdays” calendar, it will sync with the Mac owners Facebook with Contacts. This feature would then populate the app’s calendar with birthdays of everyone in the user’s social circle. Users can also choose to be reminded with a friend’s birthday in advance.

Reminders App in Mountain Lion

Other than the Calendar Apps, Apple is also spinning their Reminders application off. For instance, when a user activated Siri to create a reminder, it will also show up in the Reminders on other iOS devices.

Source: Reminders on Mountain Lion | Apple

In addition, the application features “geofencing.” Other than being reminded with a calendar date, users can also receive notifications when they enter or leave a location. However, this feature requires Wi-Fi connection so that the system would know the user’s current location in order to work.

To activate geofencing, users are required to approve the System Preferences’ Privacy pane, supply administrator credentials, and allow specific apps to tap into the feature. Once done, users can now add “remind me: at location” to create a new Reminders entry. Users can also select whether they want to be reminded when arriving or leaving a location.

Other than that, users can opt to combine location and time alerts, so that they can be reminded when they cross the geofence or at a specific time. Although the feature doesn’t support complex task management, Reminders app gives users one place for checklist of events.

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