Apple’s Mountain Lion Replaces Address Book with Contacts

Source: Contacts Apps for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion | Apple

Apple has replaced its Address Book with the new Contact apps for the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. This brings in simple OS naming convention to the upcoming Mac operating system and a variety of improvements, such as easy sharing, card linking between various accounts, and Facebook integration.

Meet the New Contacts App

As of the moment, the new Contacts app still uses the unconventional “book” user interface, which was first introduced in OS X Lion. The old UI laid out contact listings in leather bound notebook format, and the Groups can only be accessed by clicking the red bookmark.

However, the new Contact in Mountain Lion tones down this design a bit. The app no longer has the bookmark, and the Groups can now be found on the same page as listings. But users can still opt to remove the Groups detail or just view one contact at a time.

In addition, when a user enters a term in the search field, he or she can click on a group to narrow down the research. The good thing about this feature is that as long as the search is relevant, it will show matches within the selected group. There’s also the new Share Sheets button. It allows users to send one of their Contacts via popup menu as Email, Message, or as an AirDrop mail to a nearby Mac.

Managing Duplicated Data

Although there aren’t any new tools to manage duplicated data within a user’s contact, there’s still the “Look for Duplicates” feature. This feature offers users to fix as many duplicates it thinks they have without reviewing it.

Look for Duplicates only searches for matching names, and then it will prompt users to manage the data. But it looks like this feature doesn’t seem to be very useful, most especially if a user has more than one contact with the same name.

On the other hand, Contacts has a way to link multiple contact records from various accounts such as iCloud, Yahoo, and Exchange that are related to the same person. Once linked, all information will be unified and it will appear to be the same card in the application.

Coming Soon: Facebook Support for Contacts

Although it’s yet to arrive on Apple’s OS X 10.8, the Facebook Support for Contacts will link all the user’s Facebook friends and populate the application. It will update a data with additional details such as photos and contact information that goes in line with the social networking site. But just like Twitter support, this feature needs a user permission in order to work.

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