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Apple iOS 6

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In the latest iOS 6 beta, it was revealed that users are no longer required to enter their Apple ID password when downloading free software from the App Store. However, it is unknown whether this feature will be available to all users in the final release of the upcoming mobile operating system.

Cutting Down on Password Prompt

All current public builds of Apple’s iOS require users to enter their Apple ID password in order to purchase App Store content. After completing the transaction, a 15-minute window period will follow, giving users ample time to make additional purchase.

The 15-minute window period was created in response to parents’ complaints. According to them, their children made expensive in-app purchases when using the so-called “free to play” games that are available in the App Store.

A user’s Apple ID account stores his credit card information and enables him to purchase App Store content quickly. However, many applications in App Store are available for free, which does not result in a charge on user’s credit card.

As for iOS 6, since its first beta was released last month, developers were able to re-download their previously purchased applications from App Store for free. But by removing the need to enter a user’s Apple ID password when downloading free apps, it would look like the company is looking for ways on how it could cut down on the number of times that iOS users are prompted to enter their Apple ID password.

Other than the Apple ID password, iOS also has built-in restrictions. This feature enables users to disable other functions such as installing or deleting App Store apps. They can also bar in-app purchases from the Settings application in iOS.

What People Should Expect from iOS 6

Prior to this, it was reported that Apple will redesign its mobile OS’ user interface when it launches later this year. The enhancement will give App Store, iTunes Store, and iBookstore a new look.

For App Store’s new look, it will boast black theme at the top and bottom. It will also let users to scroll the “Features” page from left to right to view apps under the “New” and “What’s Hot” categories. What’s more, users can also install applications in the background without returning to the home screen.

The new iTunes Store and iBookstore will also feature a dark theme, as well as similar redesigned icon from the App Store. As posted on Apple’s official description of its updated storefronts:

See the best of what’s new in music, movies, TV shows, apps and books at the top of each store’s home page. Browse with a swipe of your finger and tap to learn more. Keep track of the music, movies and TV shows you previewed by tapping the History button, and when you’re ready, tap Buy to add something to your collection.

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