‘Gravity Rush’ Creative Director Intends to Make a Game Sequel

Gravity Rush

Source: Gravity Rush Box Art | Wikipedia

The creative director of Gravity Rush, Keiichiro Toyama, has told Famitsu that he intends to create a sequel for the game. However, further details about this report remain scarce. In addition, he also wishes to make a hack-and-slash game of some kind.

More About Gravity Rush

Also known in Japan as Gravity Daze, the game is developed by SCE Japan Studio and was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Gravity Rush is an action role-playing video game that was released last month for the PlayStation Vita.

The core mechanic of the game is the player’s ability to manipulate gravity. This would enable the gamer to make unique moves and navigation.

Set in a fictitious town of Hekseville, Gravity Rush allows players to control the game’s protagonist, Kat. In the game, she lost her memory and she runs into a mysterious black cat, which gave her the power to control gravity. Gamers will then use this power to protect the people of the floating town from the threat of a Gravity Storm and the Nevi monsters.

The game started back in 2008 as a PlayStation 3 project, which was also known as Gravité. It was then transferred to PS Vita as Toyama thought that the console features a “handy and accessible nature.”

PlayStation Vita Gameplay

Using the PlayStation Vita, players can take gravity into their own hands, deliver devastating attacks, uncover the secrets to Kat’s past, and explore a mysterious world. Through this console, there are three things that players can do while on the game:

  • Move the World Around: Gamers can manipulate gravity to help them move around, shifting their perspective and enhancing their actions to complete dozens of missions across several worlds.
  • Have Full Motion Control: Using PS Vita’s gyro sensor lets players manipulate gravity on the game, while the front and back panels allow them to quickly shift their surroundings and dodge enemy attacks.
  • See Graphic Novel Storytelling: Through the console’s OLED display, gamers can experience beautiful cel-shaded graphics that were brought to life with the PS Vita’s display technology. This brings in crisp and vivid colors that are crisp than ever before.

For those who don’t have a copy of Gravity Rush for PS Vita, it is now available in Best Buy, Target, and Amazon for less than $40. On the other hand, Walmart offers the game at $13.96.

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