6 Reasons ‘The Avengers’ Was More Enjoyable Than ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Even before fans got the first screening of The Avengers the debate was already getting heated. Which movie would be better: The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises?

For months, fans debated which film they were more eager to see. They argued about which flick would make more money. And now that both have been released and made a boatload of cash, the war continues.

While comparing The Avengers to The Dark Knight Rises is like comparing the old cliche of apples and oranges, it’s inevitable. Sure, most of us can like both movies. But we’re going to have a preference, which is true for each person out there, and then compare and contrast the two blockbusters.

Now that the dust has cleared, it’s time to declare a winner in perhaps the two most anticipated—and greatest—superhero films ever. However, we’re not going to say which film was “better,” but simply which movie we enjoyed more.

Keeping that in, here are the six reasons why The Avengers was enjoyable than The Dark Knight Rises.

6. Bane’s Voice

This may sound petty, but we just couldn’t get over Bane’s voice, which was like Sean Connery speaking very quietly and breathy. We heard it first in the trailers and thought that it would be fixed, but nope it remained heard to hear. That’s not a good sign when you can barely hear or understand the main bad guy in a movie. In fact, the voice was so annoying that we can forget about Batman’s infamous growling.

5. The Tone

The Avengers accomplished exactly what it wanted to. It was a great superhero movie that was fun and didn’t pretend to be anything more. It had action and humor and delivered everything fans were hoping for. Basically, it was probably one of the greatest popcorn flicks ever.

Batman isn’t so light hearted, so it makes sense to have it be a “dark and gritty” movie. But, we’re getting tired of every superhero movie being like that. Sometimes we just want something that’s light hearted, but The Dark Knight Rises also takes itself too seriously, even though it had some humorous moments. It’s very admirable to make a comic-based movie into something that could win an Oscar and have some social commentary. However, there are times us, fans, want an escape from the harshness of reality. I mean, wasn’t that the idea for comics in the first place?

4. The Cast

Both films have incredible casts. But, the ensemble put together for The Avengers had great chemistry, despite the few moments of poor performances. Overall, they played off of each other so well that it made for one of the best ensembles ever. That’s not to say that the chemistry between Christian Bale and Michael Caine isn’t great. We’re just saying all together, The Avengers cast was more enjoyable as a whole.

If you’re still not sold, then we have three words for you: Robert Downey Jr. His performance as Tony Stark has not only made Iron Man and The Avengers what they are; it also proves that he is one of the greatest actors of our time.

3. Visual Effects

Yes. Both movies had spectacular special and visual effects, but Marvel did a great job on the Helicarrier, the Quinjet, Iron Man’s new armor, the alien invasion, and The Hulk. Matter of fact, the Hulk’s CGI was so good that that should be enough to say that The Avengers has better visual effects than The Dark Knight Rises.

2. Nothing Left for Batman

We all know that The Dark Knight Rises is the last for Christopher Nolan’s Batman film. Whether it set up for future installments or not doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Nolan, and most likely his Batman universe, is over. But why does that fact matter in the debate on which movie was more enjoyable?

It matters because there’s nothing else to look forward to after The Dark Knight Rises. The fun and enjoyment from superhero movies is talking about which villains will be in the sequel and who will play them. Fans also love to speculate on the future plots and story-lines. And now, that’s over for Bats. What we do have to look forward to is what’s going to happen next for The Avengers, as well as, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, and S.H.I.E.L.D. And, most likely, a horrible and all-too-soon reboot for Bruce Wayne and Batman.

1. The Anticipation

There were a ton of us that couldn’t wait until the release of The Dark Knight Rises, but Marvel has been making us wait for The Avengers since 2008’s Iron Man. As you all know, we kept getting pieces after all of the films leading up to the Avengers. Slowly but surely, everything came together. When the debut of The Avengers hit the theaters on May 4, fandom was at a fever pitch. It was something that we had been looking forward to for the last four years, and something some ambitious that we thought it would never happen.

Unfortunately, the build-up between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t there. Think back to the ending of Batman Begins. It set up for The Joker. We knew right then and there that the sequel was going to be sick. And it was. While we wanted more of Christopher Nolan’s Batman initially after The Dark Knight, time made us move on to movies like The Avengers, since there really wasn’t any sort of cliffhanger or clues to make us want more for the next couple of years. While Nolan kept things secretive, we were getting a ton of info, pictures, updates, etc. from Marvel on The Avengers to keep it front and center and to make us impatiently wait until its release.

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