Safari 6 with Offline Reading Now Available for OS X Lion


Source: Safari on Mac | Apple

After the release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion yesterday, Apple also rolled out its Safari 6 for OS X Lion. Users of OS X 10.7, who are not yet ready to upgrade their Macs for the latest operating system, can now have the latest web browser via OS X Software Update.

Safari 6 Features

With the release of Safari 6 to OS X Lion, Apple highlights the following features:

Smart Search Field

The smart search filed gives the user a simplified field for both search terms and Web addresses. As a user types in the field, the web browser stays one step ahead and suggests a Top Hit or the closes match to what a user is looking for.

Offline Reading List

Safari can now store web content in the user’s reading list so they can catch up in their reading even if they don’t have Internet connection. The web browser will fetch the web pages ahead of time so that users can read the entire write-up offline.

Do No Track

As an emerging privacy standard, Do Not Track sends a request to websites to not track the user’s browsing behavior. It’s the same for Mac owners who are using Private Browsing.

Password Pane

With Password Pane, users can now manage their saved website logins. When a user logs in to a website, the web browser will offer to save his or her password for AutoFill. So the next time he or she logs in, there’s no need to retype the password.


With Baidu, Safari makes the Web even better for Chinese users. The leading search engine in China is now a built-in option in the web browser’s search field.

Other than the new features, Safari 6 also offers improvements, making the web browser more stable, compatible, usable, and secure. These changes include swiping PDFs to navigate gesture work, restore Reading List state when Safari is launched, fix on full screen issue that affected web page videos, and restore users’ previous cookies after Private Browsing.

Safari 5.1.7, the web browser’s previous version, was released to OS X Lion users last May. It automatically disables old Adobe Flash Player versions that don’t have the most up-to-date security features. Meanwhile, it is yet to be known whether Safari 6 for Windows will be available, although Safari 5.1.7 is still available for Windows users via download.

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