Apple Mistakenly Releases Replacement Codes for OS X Server


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After it was reported that Mac users were having a problem updating their notebook’s operating system to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, it turns out that Apple have made yet another mistake.

Yesterday, it was reported that customers who bought Mac starting June 11 are looking to upgrade their device to OS X 10.8 through the company’s Up-to-date Program. However, they encountered error messages, saying that their redemption code has already been used.

Meanwhile, customer support representatives were advising users that the company was aware of the issue. They also added that Apple will automatically issue replacement codes although it could take up to three days.

It is unclear whether the error has something to do with the influx of traffic on Apple servers. That’s because a lot of users are rummaging to download Mountain Lion. It is also possible that the company sent out incorrect codes to customers by mistake.

Sending Out Replacement Codes for OS X Server

While some of these replacement codes are already coming through, users have started reporting that the company mistakenly sent out codes for the OS X server instead of the OS itself. As one user posted on MacRumors’ forum section:

I just got my second code and was able to redeem it. The only problem is when it redeemed it came up with an error saying OSX server cannot be downloaded because it requires OSX 10.8.0 to run. It seems they sent me a redemption code for server instead of mountain lion. The pdf with the code clearly says that the code is for mountain lion…

My purchased tab only shows OSX server—not mountain lion…

There are also a handful of users who are reporting the same problem. That said, this recent mistake could affect a much greater number of users receiving redemption codes today. One user who called Apple about the issue advised to file another request through Apple’s support mechanism.

Mountain Lion’s Availability

Customers who bought a new Mac on June 11 or later are eligible to receive a free upgrade to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion via the Mac App Store. Eligible customers can also request for their copies of Apple’s new operating system through the company’s Up-to-date Program before August 24.

On the other hand, Apple’s OS X Server is available through the Up-to-date Program, but it is limited for users who bought Mac Pro and Mac Mini server models.

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