25 Watches That Cost More Than $1 Million

There’s nothing wrong with spoiling ourselves with a nice, luxurious, unique watch. After all, they serve a purpose, they can add some flare to your wardrobe, and sometimes they just make you feel good about yourself. But would you spend over a million bucks for one?

Check out the following 25 expensive watches and let us know if any of them are worth the price-tag:

25. Hublot One Million $ Black Caviar Bang Watch

Hublot made this million dollar big bang watch out of white gold and rare baguette-cut black diamonds. It has almost 550 diamonds with a total of 34.5 carats. The movement is a manually wound tourbillon. Functions include the time (tourbillon acts as the seconds indicator), and a power reserve indicator. It won the 2009 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve prize for jewelry watch.

Price: $1 Million

24. Patek Philippe 18k World-Time Wristwatch with Two Crowns

Patek Philippe has been making luxury watches since 1851. Made in 1933, this 18-karat gold watch has 18 jewels and a two-tone, day-night 24-hour dial.

Price: $1,022,500

23. Chopard Super Ice Cube Watch

Chopard, a Swiss jewelry and watch maker founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, created this piece which exhibits 60-carat diamonds.

Price: $1.1 million

22. Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks Watch

Audemars Piguet have been luxury Swiss watchmakers since 1875. This piece is an 18-karat, white-gold bezel, with 104 baguettes on the case and a dial encrusted with 116 diamonds.

Price: $1.3 million

21. Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle Watch

Vacheron traces its history back to 1755 when Jean-Marc Vacheron established his watchmaking firm in Geneva. This watch has been called the “world’s most complicated wristwatch,” since it consists of 834 individual parts and took over 10,000 hours of design work. It features an alligator leather strap, snap-in caseback embellished with Sapphire crystals, and a hand-guilloché motif on the back dial.

Price: $1.4 million

20. Richard Mille RM 56 Felipe Massa SAPPHIRE

With only five of these manufactured, this watch is definitely one of a kind. The transparent watch features a manual-wind tourbillon movement and is completely encased in sapphire crystal. Mille says it takes 1,000 hours to machine the case, another 430 hours to grind, and 350 hours to complete production.

Price: $1.7 million

19. Patek Philippe Pilot Watch

Back in 2009, this one-of-a-kind watch from 1936 sold for over $1.7 million at Christie’s in Geneva. The intriguing watch is chrome-plated nickel, being large at 55 mm wide, and has some unique navigational complications, as well as an hour hand that operates on a 24-hour scale (not 12-hour scale).

Price: $1.7 million

18. Patek Philippe Single Button Chronograph Watch

This beautiful yellow-gold wristwatch features a stop slide and tachometer and was sold in Geneva back in 2006.

Price: $1,773,206

17. Blancpain Tourbillon Diamants Watch

This 40 mm men’s model contains more than 20 carats of diamonds. The white-gold, three-piece case is set with 571 stones totaling 14.15 carats, and the dial adds another 164 diamonds and 5.17 carats. The automatic caliber 25A tourbillon movement is composed of 238 components with 29 jewels (not diamonds) with a 168-hour power reserve. And, yes, it’s also water resistant.

Price: $1,812,7000

16. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon Watch

Perhaps the rarest continuously produced wristwatch in the world, this limited piece has a platinum case and bazel, a scratch-resistant sapphire, and a Crocodile leather strap.

Price: $1.85 million

15. Patek Philippe Officier (1923)

Yet another Patek piece that was sold at Antiquorum in 1999. This one-of-a-kind, 18-karat, yellow-gold wristwatch features a chronograph and a 60-minute register.

Price: $1,918,387

14. Patek Philippe The Grogan (1925)

This gold chronograph watch was one of the first watches made from a lefty and was sold at Christie’s in 2006.

Price: $1,945,040

13. Patek Philippe Model 1591 (1944)

This rare Patek piece sold for big money at auction in 1996 since it’s believed to be one of only two in existence. It was manufactured back in 1944 and is the most expensive stainless steel wristwatch.

Price: $2,263,964

12. Patek Philippe Model 2499 First Series watch (1957)

In 2007, this watch became the most expensive watch ever sold at Christie’s stamped with Patek Philippe’s signature. There are only five other examples of this 18-karat, rose-gold wristwatch in the world.

Price: $2,280,000

11. Parmigiani Fleurier Fibonacci Pocket Watch

This Swiss-made pocket watch contains mother-of-pearl counters and a white-gold dial. The case is decorated with enameling of a lotus flower and has a minute repeater with cathedral chimes, as well as a perpetual calendar.

Price: $2.4 Million

10. Cartier Secret Watch with Phoenix Decor Watch

Cartier’s one-of-a-kind, phoenix-shaped wristwatch is made of 18-karat, rhodium-plated, white gold. The eyes are made from emeralds, and it has one pear-shaped, portrait-cut diamond weighing in at 3.53 carats. The piece, altogether, is covered with 3,010 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 80.13 carats.

Price: $2,755,000

9. Patek Philippe Model 2523 Heures Universelles Watch (1953)

Here is an 18-karat, yellow-gold piece that is a world-time watch with an intricate design. It features a polychrome cloisonne enamel dial representing the map of North America. It sold at Antiquorum in 2006.

Price: $2,899,373

8. Piaget Emperador Temple Watch

This one-of-a-kind piece is actually two watches in one. One watch has a case set with 481 brilliant-cut diamonds, 207 baguette-cut diamonds, and an emerald-cut diamond on the top. On the second watch, which has a tourbillion and a 40-hour power reserve, the Polynesian mother-of-pearl dial is set with 162 brilliant-cut diamonds and 11 baguette-cut diamonds. The bracelet is set with 350 baguette-cut diamonds.

Price: $3.3 million

7. Patek Philippe 1928 Single-Button Chronograph Watch

This 18-karat white-gold, cushion-shaped, single-button chronograph was sold at Christie’s back in 2011. It features Breguet numerals on a silver dial, and it is 34 mm and is of the last surviving true examples of a single button chronograph from Patek.

Price: $3,637,408

6. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time Watch (1939)

This is believed to be the only time wristwatch of its kind ever made. When this was created in 1939, the Platinum World Time was believed to be the most expensive wristwatch in the world. It sold at Antiquorum in 2002.

Price: $4,026,524

5. Louis Moinet “Meteoris” Watch

Moinet teamed up with Meteorite hunter, Luc Labenne, to collect pieces from the moon, a Mars meteorite, and an asteroid to use in this piece that contains a set of four tourbillion watches.

Price: $4,599,487

4. Breguet & Fils, Paris, No. 2667 Precision Watch

This rare and exceptional pocket watch was sold at Christie’s for 5,000 Francs … back in 1814. Today, this 18-karat gold precision with two movements, is one one of the most expensive pieces in the world.

Price: $4,682,165

3. Patek Philippe Ref 1527 Wristwatch

This vintage piece, which was made in 1943, features an 18-karat gold perpetual calendar, 23 jewels, bimetallic compensation balance, silver matte dial, and applied gold Arabic numerals.

Price: $5 million

2. Patek Phillipe Henry Graves Supercomplication Pocket Watch

This solid, 18-karat gold watch was especially made for banker Henry Graves in 1933. It took about five years to design and build, was ahead of its time with a chronological function for each hour, and features a chart of NYC’s skyline and chiming minute repeater. It sold at Sotheby’s in 1999.

Price: $11,002,500 million

1. Chopard 201-carat Watch

Believe it or not, there’s actually a watch within the three heart-shaped diamonds. The total carat weight of this piece is 201 carats. It also has a spring-loaded mechanism which, when pressed, allows the three heart shapes to mechanically open up. The watch face, which is pavé-set with small, round-shaped, yellow diamonds, is exposed from underneath the heart-shaped diamonds.

Price: $25 million

Image Source: The Chive

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