5 Things That You Can Learn From Her Ex

When dating a girl you’re going to obviously have lots of conversations. And, more likely than not, she’s bound to bring up her ex. After-all, there’s only so many topics you can discuss if you’ve been in a relationship for a long period of time.

However, talking about her ex, or exes, can be difficult. Especially if she goes on and on about the good times that they had while together. Here’s the thing though. That guy you’re beginning to really dislike and getting jealous can now become one of your greatest allies or assets, unless he was an abusive scumbag, which would give you a reason to knock his teeth out if you ever crossed paths.

While we’re not saying to go out and grab a beer with the guy, his past relationship with your girlfriend can definitely come in handy. And, here are the five reasons why.

5. Shows You’re Comfortable With Her Past

Instead of getting beefed up when she talks about her ex, show that you’re comfortable discussing it. Remember, she’s with you know and you want to keep it that way. One way to do that is to show that you care and will listen to her past without getting angry, upset of judgmental. Her ex may have meant something to her in the past, while it may sound corny, is something that should interest and matter to you. Things we’ve done in the past help shape who you are. And, besides, you would want the same respect from her when discussing your ex.

4. Shows You’re a Listener

Women really dig guys that just seat back and listen. You don’t have to always add your two cents. You just need to actually hear what she is saying. Maybe there moments where she wants to vent or reminisce about her ex. This would give you a perfect opportunity to show how great of a listener you are. Which could have been something that her ex wasn’t.

3. She’s Giving You Advice on Herself

When you listen to your girlfriend talk about her ex she’s actually giving you advice on things she likes and dislikes without you asking or assuming. Maybe she will mention that her ex loved a movie or restaurant that she couldn’t stand. Perhaps she’ll open up about the romantic things he did that she really enjoyed, which could be difficult to listen to. Regardless how trivial or significant these statements may sound you should store them so that you know what your girl really wants. How many times is that actually gonna happen?

2. Learn From His Mistakes

Everyone has traits, personalities, or hobbies that drive their significant other bonkers. So, if you’re girl tells you how she hated it when her ex did something like clip his toenails in bed, that’s probably something you should remember to avoid. Sure, that may not be a big enough issue for the break-up, but maybe those small things added up over time. We’re not saying that you need to change who you are. We’re saying that if she has pet peeves that her ex had, maybe you shouldn’t do them.

1. Shows Your Confidence

Maybe more than anything else a woman loves a confident man. What better way to show how confident you are than to make sure that you’re currently, and will continue to be, a better man than her ex? Show her that you, and not him, know how to make her happy and that she made the right call to be in a relationship with you. Which you will both know whenever her ex is brought up.

Image Source: Elite Daily

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