Google Wallet is Now on the Cloud

Google Wallet

Source: Google Wallet | Google

Google just announced that its Google Wallet now has a cloud version. The new cloud-based Google Wallet will accept all credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Moreover, adding a card to the wallet is as easy as typing in a user’s credit card number. It can be done when making a mobile app purchase using their online wallet or Google Play. Google’s online wallet can also be used to monitor both online and in-store purchases.

Although users will need to connect on the Internet to enter a credit card, change selected payment card, and see transaction details, it is not required when making an in-store payment, especially if a user has already selected a card.

New Google Wallet Security Features

Other than bringing the Google Wallet in the cloud, the search engine giant also added two new security features on its online wallet system.

First, actual payment card numbers are no longer stored on the users’ phone. Instead, they are now secured on Google’s cloud servers. However, users’ handset will keep their wallet ID or virtual credit card number only.

According to the search engine giant, this new security system will make it easier for banks to participate in Google Wallet. That’s because it speeds up the integration process required to add new cards on the online wallet system.

The second security feature is the remote locking and disabling of Google Wallet. When a user loses his Google Wallet-enabled phone, he or she can lock the system from the cloud. Once the account is locked, no transactions are permitted through the system. The search engine giant will also reset the mobile wallet and obliterate all card transactions and data.

Although Google guarantees that its online wallet system is safe to use, people still can’t help but raise their concerns. Earlier this year, the search engine giant suspended Google Wallet’s prepaid payment capabilities after a security firm discovered that hackers could reset a device’s online wallet system.


Although the cloud version of Google Wallet is available to everyone, its mobile version is limited to a number of Sprint and Virgin Mobile devices. Users can also access their online wallet system through the Nexus 7 tablet.

In addition, users can now pay using their mobile devices on any of the 200,000 retail locations across the country. That wouldn’t be possible without the help of MasterCard’s PayPass program.

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