Up for Auction: Carroll Shelby’s 2009 Mustang GT500 KR

Source: 2009 Mustang GT500 KR | Vicari Auction

After the fight over Carroll Shelby’s remains has been settled, his creations and legacy will be due for a grand celebration in two weeks’ time in Monterey. In relation to this, Vicari Auto Auction announced that one of Shelby’s personal cars will be on sale.

Shelby’s 2009 Mustang GT500 KR at Vicari Auction

Shelby’s car that will be up for auction this October is his 2009 Mustang GT500 KR. Vicari Auction also reported that the car’s documentation will include a copy of its previous title under Shelby’s name, certificate of authenticity, Shelby’s signature, and bill of sale from Shelby to the current owner.

The car approximates the look of Metallica’s Black Album because of its satin-black stripe. It was also reported that the Mustang GT500 KR has 540 horsepower, as well as 1,600 miles on the odometer. First revealed at the 2007 New York Internation Auto Show, the car is powered by 5.4-liter supercharged V-8 version of the GT500 base engine. It has functional Cold Air Intake and unique calibration.

It also features a carbon fiber composite hood with functional scoops and vents, twist lock hood pins that are based on the 1968 KR, carbon fiber splitter, carbon fiber mirror caps, and functional brake cooling ducts. Its suspension has unique spring rates, dampers, stabilizer bars, and strut tower brace. The car also features a Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires.

The Mustang vehicle draws its styling cues on the classic 1968 GT500 KR, which is also dubbed as the “King of the Road.” It was also featured prominently in NBC’s Knight Rider television series.

Other than being one of the best all-around cars to carry Shelby’s name, the 2009 Mustang GT500 KR is also one of the last cars that he owned. It will be up for bidding during Vicari’s Biloxi Auction at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum on October 12 and 13.

About Carroll Shelby

Born as Carroll Hall Shelby, he is an American automotive designer, race car driver, and entrepreneur. He is known for making the Shelby American Cobra and Mustang-based performance cars, Mustang Cobras, for the Ford Motor Company. He founded the Shelby American Inc. in 1962, which currently sells modified Ford vehicles and parts for performance cars.

He passed away last May 10 at the age of 89. Although the cause of this death was not revealed, it was reported that Shelby has been in the hospital for weeks, suffering from pneumonia.

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