5 Traits That Nice Guys Can Learn From Bad Boys

During your adulthood you’re bound to come across countless women that will complain about not finding a nice guy. As you sit and listen to these women you wonder why almost every woman out there continues to date jerks. All the while you, Mr. Nice Guy, is single, lonely and would treat a women good.

You then go back throughout the years and start believing that nice guys do finish last. Remember your high school crush who dated the jock that would berate her in front of his friends? Or, how about that co-worker who dated the guy that cheated on her for years only to give him more second chances then you could keep track of? It suddenly seems clear to you that the old cliche is true. Women dig the jerks and bad guys. The thing is, that’s not exactly true.

It turns out that women actually do want guys to treat them with kindness and respect. And, that Mr. Nice Guy will probably have a longer and healthy relationship than a jerk. So, why haven’t you been able to have any luck with the ladies?

There are many reasons, but it all comes down to chemicals, women are attracted to men with high testosterone, and that they are drawn to certain traits that a jerk possess.

Instead of trying to be a jerk, which will make you look like a fraud and won’t work, apply the following traits to secure a first and then second date. Once you have her attention she will notice that you’re not a nice guy, but the great guy she’s always wanted. And, if you’re concerned about the testosterone aspect, it should be noted that women prefer men with lower testosterone at different parts of their cycle.

So, are here five traits that a nice guy can learn from a jerk.

5. Don’t Agree on Everything

As a Nice Guy, you tend to agree to everything that a woman says and wants to do. While a healthy relationship should have common ground, there are times to disagree. If you don’t like seafood then don’t eat it because she wants you to. If she wants to go see the latest Kate Hudson you can say no. Women like a guy who is challenging and isn’t a pushover. While this doesn’t give you permission to never do anything she wants, which would make you a jerk, it simply means standing up for yourself when there are moments that you disagree with her.

4. Be a Bit Indifferent

Jerks, bad boys, Mr. Disagreeable. Whatever you call them, they have a trait that women find irresistible. They’re indifferent. They’re the guys that don’t have a worry in the world. They don’t care if they get a woman’s number because there’s other women out there. Sure. That may sound cold and reckless, but, this is a timeless tactic they’ve used to pick up women. Just approach a woman without worrying if you’re going to get her number and then someday marry her. Just go with the flow. Remember, you’re trying to get her initial attention and as time goes on she’ll realize that when it matters you do care.

3. Remain Mysterious

Women love to guess what a man is thinking and wanting to do. Keep her interest by remaining that mysterious person that keeps her on her feet. Don’t let her see you coming a mile away. She will turn you down in a heartbeat. Being mysterious also means that you don’t always have to wear your heart on your sleeve. There will be a time and place for emotions and feelings, but, that has to evolve over time. Simply put, you just can’t let her know everything about you and your intentions from the get go.

2. Be Adventurous

Jerks have another trait that women can’t get enough of. They’re adventurous, which of course they should be since they’re also indifferent. They like to be wild and live life to the fullest. But, as we get older, you can’t always do the reckless antics of our youth. Instead, go outside of your comfort zone. Being adventurous doesn’t always mean riding motorcycles or bull fighting. Maybe try out an ethnic restaurant you’ve never been to before. Hop in the car and see where the road takes you. In a nutshell, being adventurous just means having fun and trying out new things. Even if it’s not as wild or reckless as things other people enjoy, it should be enough to keep her interested and satisfied.

1. Show That You’re Confident and Self-Assured

The one trait that jerks contain that send women into a frenzy is that they’re confident and self-assured. They know who they are and they don’t care what anyone else thinks about them. They know how to approach and talk to women. Again, this makes sense for a guy who really doesn’t think about consequences, but it is in fact a huge turnon for the ladies.

It’s also probably the best, and most important, lesson that Mr. Agreeable can learn from a jerk. Be yourself and embrace it. There’s no shame in hiding who you are. And, if certain people don’t like something about you, then they’re not worth your time. There’s plenty of fish in the ocean, so chances are, you will find the right woman for you. You just can’t dwell on it. Just remain confident and enjoy yourself. If you do that you’re luck may just change with women.

Image Source: Dating For Today’s Man

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