Up For Auction: Warren Sapp’s Air Jordan Shoe Collection

Image Source: Sneaker Obsession

Typically when a celebrity auctions off some of their personal items the money goes to some sort of charity or cause and not to their debt collectors. Then again, Warren Sapp isn’t your typical celebrity.

As TMZ first reported, the former Tampa Bay Buc and Oakland Raider is auctioning off his entire collection of Air Jordans. The 240 pairs of shoes are valued at about $6,500. While some have born worn, many people are aware that Jordan’s, which were obviously which made by Nike for basketball legend Michael Jordan, are huge collector’s items.

But, why is the 7x Pro Bowler selling his prized and rare collection of shoes? It turns out that Sapp owes $6.7 million to collectors, including hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support to four different mothers, according to the Daily Mail. In fact, Sapp had to file for bankruptcy back in April.

Sapp’s last season in the NFL was in 2007 and he has since taken a gig as an analyst on the NFL Network, where is paid $45,000 a month. Still, his assets only totaled $6.45 million against a debt of $6.7 million, so he has to make the difference by selling off personal items. Besides selling off his shoe collection, Sapp has said that he also lost his championship rings he won at the University of Miami and his Super Bowl XXXVII ring with the Buccaneers from the 2002-2003 season.

Normally, a lot of fans would feel sympathy for a former athlete who has fallen on hard times, but Sapp was infamous for his on-the-field-antics. This included a verbal conflict with Green Packers Packers head coach Mike Sherman after blindsiding, and celebrating, offensive tackle Chad Clifton in 2002. Then, there was the December 23, 200 game with Oakland where Sapp was ejected after an altercation with an NFL referee. And, who can forget the several incidents of him “skipping” through players of several opposing teams during pre-game warm-up exercises.

Here’s a sample of some of the shoes for sale, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

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