Next-Gen iPhone, to be 18% Thinner than iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone 4S

Source: Apple iPhone 4S | Apple

Other than yielding a larger 4-inch display, Apple’s next-generation iPhone is also rumored to be 18 percent thinner than iPhone 4S. As posted on the Taiwanese rumor site, the purported handset will measure 58.47 mm wide, 123.83 mm long and 7.6 mm thick.

In addition, the company made the thickness reduction on the mobile phone possible because of the following modifications:

  • Elongation of the design to accommodate a 4-inch screen
  • Relocation of the headphone jack to unit’s base
  • Inclusion of the new nano-SIM tray; and
  • Addition of MagSafe-style 8 or 9-pin dock connector

The changes are expected to deliver the thinnest iPhone yet, although it still falls short of reclaiming its title as the thinnest smartphone. Apple was able to achieve the title in 2007, during the release of their first iPhone. As of the moment, it is believed that the Chinese Oppo Finder phone—which measure 6.65 mm thick— holds the title.

Establishing Next-gen iPhone Rumors

Although’s news is not entirely new, it further supports previous speculations of how the next-generation iPhone will look like. The handset will feature a 4-inch display, 8-pin dock connector and enhanced Bluetooth 4.0.

There were also rumors that the upcoming mobile phone will feature an in-cell touch panel display, which will allow the device’s touchscreen to be thinner and to have more flexible design. The next-generation iPhone is also expected to feature a quad-core processor.

Sharp: Apple’s New Screen Supplier for iPhone

Prior to this, Sharp’s new president—Takashi Okuda—announced last week that they will begin shipping display for Apple’s next-generation iPhone this month. The announcement was made during the company’s press briefing for their latest quarterly earnings. However, the president declined to give further details.

Sharp was also rumored in 2011 as a likely supplier of LCD screen for Apple’s portable devices. Unfortunately, their Indium Gallic Zinc Oxide technology didn’t meet the Cupertino-based company’s standards for its new iPad with Retina Display.

Meanwhile, the iPhone maker’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn, bought a 10 percent stake in Sharp, which costs $808 million. This news fueled claims that both manufacturers are teaming up to secure orders for a rumored Apple TV.

In relation to this, Apple is expected to introduce their upcoming mobile phone on September 12. The announcement will be followed by a release of the redesigned new iPad, as well as the much-rumored iPad Mini. Additionally, the handset will hit stores around October, just a year after the company released their iPhone 4S.

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