Mobile App Company Tests Passbook App for iOS 6 in Real-World Simulation

Passbook App for iOS 6

Source: Passbook App for iOS 6 | Apple

Mobile app services company, iOptimal, released a YouTube video last weekend, which showcases the capabilities of the upcoming iOS 6 app—the Passbook.

A “Passbook App Prototyper” was employed to create a proprietary piece of the mobile application. This enables the user to generate and redeem coupons the way Passbook would. Although the YouTube video advertises the company’s app-building software, it also gives people an insight at what the real-world Passbook usage could look like.

Although shown via an iOS simulator, the video presents a map-based app that is used to look for the nearest coupon available. The clip also covers creating custom coupons and special events like book signing.

About Passbook App for iOS 6

Using the Passbook App, a user’s boarding pass, movie tickets, retail coupons, and loyalty cards can now be found in one place. Customers can simply scan their iPhone or iPod Touch to check in for a flight, get into a movie, and redeem a coupon. In addition, users can also see when their coupons will expire, their reserved concert seats, and the balance left on their coffee bar card.

All that a user needs to do is to activate the application, and its stored passes will appear on the Lock screen at the right time and place. The Passbook app will also notify the users for any unprecedented changes.

The Future of Passbook App

Although iOptimal’s video just repeated what Apple announced, the YouTube clip is one of the first to demonstrate on how merchants and customers can use the Passbook app.

In relation to this, there have been rumors with regard to the application’s capabilities in terms of mobile payment. As of the moment, Passbook is not yet linked to any credit card or bank accounts. It only serves as a way to organize digital coupons. The closest thing that the application could get when it comes to supporting digital currency is through gift cards.

Last July, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that the Passbook App was a “key feature” for their upcoming iOS 6. However, they declined to give further details about their future plans for the app.

Nevertheless, it will make the daunting task of looking for gift cards, coupons, passes, and tickets a thing of the past. With the Passbook App for iOS 6, everything will be organized and handy. The mobile application will be available this fall as soon as the Cupertino-based company releases iOS 6.

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