Tagging Along with Mars Rover Curiosity


Source: Mars Curiosity Rover | NASA

After landing on Mars last August 6, the Curiosity Rover started sending back images, videos and other information about the red planet. Good thing the Internet has provided easier ways on how people on Earth could tag along with its expedition. Whether you want to join Curiosity’s journey in an old-school way or through its social media accounts, you can definitely keep yourself posted with the rover’s latest discoveries.

Mission Central

If you want to get centralized updates about the Mars Curiosity Rover, you should bookmark NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory web page in your browser. This web page serves as a central place for you to find unedited photos, mission information, team blogs and news about the rover’s red planet expedition.


For those who always spend most of their time on Twitter, you can follow the Mars Curiosity Rover on its official Twitter account. This is where NASA tweets photos taken by the rover, as well as links to new updates and press conferences.


Other than Twitter, users can also like the Curiosity Facebook Page. The page provides past updates about the Mars rover, photos and other information straight to their News Feed. For less-frequent updates, they can add the page on their Interest List.


Curiosity doesn’t have its own Google+ page. However, users can add NASA’s Google+ page on their circles for regular update. Users can also bookmark a “Curiosity” search on the social network to see check-in and updates from other users. One the search is saved, they will find the results under the “More” dropdown menu on your Google+ homepage.

Curiosity Cam on Ustream

Although it may not sound that exciting, Jet Propulsion Laboratory has an official Ustream channel that provides Curiosity-related videos. Their channel includes videos on the rover’s landing on Mars and the latest press briefings. JPL is the NASA laboratory heading up the Curiosity mission.


Other than the Curiosity Cam, NASA also updates its YouTube channel regularly with Curiosity-related news clips. You can subscribe to their channel to get YouTube updates straight to your inbox.

Mobile App

If you want to check the latest news about the Mars Curiosity Rover while on the go, you can also download NASA’s Be a Martian app. This is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone; although Microsoft’s mobile operating system doesn’t appear to be getting the latest images from Curiosity. Nevertheless, they have access on the rover’s latest news.

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