6 Reasons a Justice League Movie Will Fail


Long before The Avengers became a reality, fans were hoping, and expecting, a movie adaptation of DC Comics superhero ensemble the Justice League.

If you’re not familiar with comics, you just need to know that the Justice League has been around since 1960 and includes an all-star line-up of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. Over the years there have been other members and various incarnations, but essentially, it’s a team consisting of DC’s heavy hitters. Theoretically, this flick should have written itself and came out years ago. At the very least, A World’s Greatest film, which would have just been Superman and Batman, should have been in the can. But, I digress.

Of course the success of Marvel’s Avengers has heated the rumors, speculation and wishful thinking for a Justice League movie. In fact, DC and Warner Bros. are currently talking to Ben Affleck about directing and writing the overwhelming task of a Justice League flick.

Say what you will about Affleck’s acting, the guy does know how to write and direct films. After-all, he won an Oscar for best screenplay for Good Will Hunting and he won critics and fans over with The Town. Also, he’s got a lot of ties to some Hollywood A-listers, who he could call in for a favor and he’s close with Kevin Smith. Regardless if you’re a fan of Kevin Smith, he’s a major comic fan and has even written several comics series. He would at least make for a great resource.

On paper, hiring Ben Affleck to helm Justice League makes sense and could actually be a solid decision. We’re not saying that he cast himself, we’re just saying that he could pull the project off as a writer and director.

The problem is that it’s probably not a wise move to actually green-light Justice League. And, here are the six reasons why making a Justice League movie will fail.

6. The Involvement of Jon Peters

You may not know that name off the top of your head, but Jon Peters one of Hollywood’s more interesting movie producers. He produced classics like Caddyshack, Rain Man and Batman (1989), but he’s also produced D.C. Cab, The Bonfire of the Vanities, Wild Wild West and Superman Returns. In fact, it has been Peters who’s been sinking the Superman film franchise for decades. Instead of wanting to create a movie that Superman deserves he has only been concerned about dollar signs, meaning what kind of crap to sell to the public. Like giant spiders, space dogs and casting Sean Penn as Superman because had the eyes of a “caged animal, a fucking killer,” because that what Superman is. A caged animal and a killer. Long story short, Peters is inept and only sees green. If he’s involved, which he could because where Supes goes Peters goes, you can bet that it’s going to be a Titanic failure.

5. No Launching Point

The Avengers had the luxury of having a starting point, meaning a film and character that started everything and put the gears in motion. Iron Man was that starting point. DC, on the other hand, doesn’t have that starting point to connect the dots. Green Lantern should have, and could have, been. But it was a dud. We’re not saying that there should have been references to other characters, we’re saying that future films could have tied into it. The origin was done for one character, now it’s time to move on to the next. Because Green Lantern was a failure no one knows if Ryan Reynolds will return or if it will get rebooted. Of course, there is the upcoming Man of Steel, but…

4. Will Man of Steel Fly or Sink?

No one knows what to expect from Man of Steel. It has a great cast and a pretty interesting director in Zack Snyder, but if you know anything about Superman you may know that Supes has a storied and troubled past. Because of this, Man of Steel could be another financial and/or critical bomb. If that’s the case, and it was planned to be the launching point for Justice League, what will DC and Warner Bros. do then? Will they march on? Or, will the entire project get scrapped? Until DC/WB knows what to expect from Man of Steel it’s too big of a big gamble. Also, who’s to say that Henry Cavill will reprise his role as Clark Kent/Superman in Justice League? Will another actor step into those tights and we’ll be left with two Supermen? That could get confusing for a lot of fans. Finally, let’s not forget that Jon Peters is an executive producer as well.

3. Too Soon After Nolan’s Batman

The Dark Knight Rises is Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film. And, it’s also most likely the same for Christian Bale. So, if there is a Justice League movie, someone else will have to dawn the cape and the cowl. Regardless of what actor lands the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, the comparisons to Bale will be endless, and most likely, fierce. In short, Nolan and company did such a great job with Batman that it’s unthinkable to even imagine anyone else portraying the Dark Knight. It’s just too fresh and too soon for a new Batman, but something that would have to be done for Justice League.

2. Comparisons to Marvel

This summer everyone and anyone was comparing and contrasting The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, even us here at AMOG. The reasoning was simple. They were both highly anticipated comic book movies. Even though in a perfect world the comparisons should have been between The Avengers and the Justice League. Can you imagine what will happen if and when a Justice League movie comes to light? If Justice League doesn’t deliver to fans and critics that will essentially be the end of DC’s movie universe. And Marvel will continue to reign supreme. Right now, Marvel is king of the mountain. And that’s a mighty king to try and take down.

1. The Avengers Already Did It

Keeping in line with comparing Justice League and The Avengers is the most important reason why a Justice League movie shouldn’t be made. It’s that Marvel already beat DC to the punch.

No matter the cast, writers or director, the fact of the matter is that Marvel already succeeded in bringing their all-star superhero team to life. How will DC be able to introduce and tie together their characters without fans grumbling that they’ve already seen this before? DC can’t simply have a reference to Batman or Wonder Woman at the end of Man of Steel. That’s Marvel’s signature move. The only move that makes sense would be to just go ahead and do a Justice League movie and then follow it with solo films. But, how can that movie work? It’s going to have to tell several origins, not to mention, the back-story of how this team got assembled. That’s a pretty ambitious task.

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