Wii U: Making 1080p Game Creation Easier

Two Tribe's Toki Tori 2

Source: Two Tribe’s Toki Tori 2 | Official Blog Post

Game developer Two Tribes offered to answer questions with regards to the Wii U version of their Toki Tori 2 via Twitter. They revealed that their team is working with the Wii U console for a couple of months now. In addition, the game developer stated that they find it easier than expected to make Wii U games.

Two Tribes thinks that Nintendo’s new game console is “awesome”, and said that the Wii U can display games at “1080p without breaking a sweat.”

Bringing Toki Tori 2 on Wii U

Prior to this, Two Tribes announced last February that their upcoming Toki Tori 2 game will land on Wii U. The game developer also mentioned that they would like to integrate a level editor in Toki Tori 2.

What could be very interesting, and what’s been requested countless times form the fans, is if we could incorporate a level editor utilizing the Wii U controller. This could mean that the game runs on TV while you make adjustments to the level on the touchscreen in real time. We think that would work really well.

In relation to this, they released the first trailer of the game last Thursday, confirming that it will be available on Nintendo’s new console. It will also be released on the Nintendo eShop and Steam.

The game’s predecessor, the first Toki Tori, was launched on WiiWare and was available via download in 2008. They also made games for Game Boy, DS and Wii, which proves that the game developer is a huge fan of Nintendo consoles.

What made them decide to bring Toki Tori 2 on Nintendo Wii U is the fact that the game is designed as a downloadable title. Furthermore, Nintendo’s 3DS eShop has been a big step in the right direction compared to its Wii and DSi online shops. Hence, it would be strange if they won’t provide a game store that matches Wii U’s functionality. These things play a vital role when it comes to making the right choice of which platforms to develop for.

Although Toki Tori 2 is yet to be complete, Two Tribes has plans to make the game available via download as soon as Wii U is launched. It was also announced that the upcoming game will have the same price as its predecessor, which is 1000 Wii U points of $10. Moreover, the game developer is also focusing on their initial release for Steam. The good thing is that switching to Wii U would be easy for gamers, as it also features two analogue sticks for whistle and stomp moves.

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