In the Wild: Rumored Logic Board for the Next-Gen iPhone

iPhone 4S

Source: iPhone 4S | Apple Official Website

Last Sunday, images of the rumored logic board for the next-generation iPhone were spotted on the Web. If the images turned out to be authentic, it will be one of the first photos that show the functional circuitry of the upcoming mobile phone.

The images came from a Chinese forum site, WEiPhone. In the image, it appears that the purported logic board has EMI shielding covering, which wraps most of the internal components. The forum member who posted the photos last weekend was the same user who revealed the logic board for iPhone 4S last year.

Credibility Issues

What makes the images somehow credible is the placement of its screw holes. It matches with the screw anchors seen on the recent leaked photographs of the external components of the much-awaited Apple handset. In fact, these images are able to form a fully assembled next-generation iPhone. However, the rumored mobile component fails to reveal much information like how the internal circuitry is being used.

Another reason that makes the leaked images credible is that it is in line with the photos showing the handset’s alleged flex cables and sensor rays. The logic board also shows a more rectangular configuration, eschewing the “L” shape of its predecessors that features a Wi-Fi connectivity chip at the bottom.

Rumored Features

In addition to its new shape, the logic board also features monolithic EMI shielding on its underside, which was previously split into two or three sections. However, the internal circuitry will retain its position on the right side of the rumored mobile phone.

That handset’s SIM card tray slot can be barely seen, although one can easily make out where the logic board will employ the nano-SIM standard. In relation to this, images of the said component surfaced less than a week ago. The nano-SIM tray was recently rectified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.

The Future of Apple’s Next-generation iPhone

Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhone in a yet-to-be-announced event this September. The handset will allegedly feature a larger 4-inch screen, quad-core processor, MagSafe-style 8-pin dock connector, and enhanced Bluetooth 4.0.

There were also rumors that the upcoming mobile phone will feature an in-cell touch panel display, making it 18 percent thinner than its predecessor. This feature will allow the handset to have a more flexible design. It is believed that these changes will enable the company to deliver its thinnest iPhone to date.

It is also expected that the announcement of the next-generation iPhone will be followed by the release of the redesigned new iPad and the much-rumored iPad Mini.

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