9 Essential Gambling Tips at Casinos

Whether you’re heading to Las Vegas for the weekend or just popping into a local casino for the evening, there should be some guidelines that you should be aware of before placing any money down.

While these aren’t tips to help you beat the house, like counting cards which is a really bad idea and shouldn’t even be considered, they should be able to make sure that you enjoy yourself and don’t literally lose the clothes on your back.

Casinos and gambling can be great entertainment, and that’s what you need to keep in mind. Casinos want you to lose, and it’s not a place to make some quick cash when you’re in a pinch. But if you follow these nine essential gambling tips at casinos, you’ll make that experience even better and hopefully, more profitable.

9. Avoid Slot Machines

If you want to blow your money in a hurry, then sit down at the slot machines. Slot machines are casino’s favorite tricks in taking your money in a fast and unsuspecting way. It’s easy to pop in a quarter and get stuck playing the slots for hours on end. At least with table games you know where you stand, and in the end, it can actually be cheaper. Compare losing $40 at a $5 a hand at blackjack table to $600 bucks during 16 years at a slot machine.

8. Get a Player’s Card

Player’s cards are free and offer their members everything from discounts on shows to free rooms. Simply find the Player’s Club desk at your casino of choice and sign up. Who says that you can’t get anything from a casino except an empty wallet?

7. Ask for Comps

You don’t have to be a big wheeler to receive comps from the casino. You could get anything from room discounts, show tickets, or buffets. Don’t be ashamed to ask the players club booth (slot players) or at the tables (table players) on what comps you can receive.

6. Keep a Low Profile

This may sound a bit paranoid, but whenever there’s a lot of money floating around, there’s bound to be some seedy people lurking in the shadows. To prevent any problems, don’t tell strangers how you’ve been doing at the tables, even if you’re losing. Also, make sure to conceal large quantities of money, which include chips and tickets.

5. Tip the Dealers and Waitresses

This is just good etiquette, and they may even remember your face. This doesn’t mean that they’re going to help you beat the house, but at least they’ll be friendly and may even offer pointers, like where to get something to eat. Dealers should get $5 an hour. Waitresses usually get a dollar for every drink or two.

4. Bank Your Winnings

It’s a normal reaction to get overconfident and greedy when you’re on a hot streak, but that streak is bound to end. Trust us. A casino isn’t going to let you walk out with a ton of cash. Instead, keep a level head and walk away when you’re at your peak. This can be difficult to do, so you should probably set a targeted profit so you know when to walk away. If that doesn’t work, then you can always set aside half of your winnings so that you’ll walk out with something.

3. Don’t Drink and Play

We hope that at this stage in your life you know the effects of alcohol. Casinos offer free drinks because they want you inebriated so that you lose judgement. Sure. Having a drink or two is fine, just remember, to pace yourself and drink in moderation while at a casino.

2. Set Limits

Before you even begin to play make sure that you set limits. We’re talking about how much you’re willing to spend, lose, and win. Only bet what you can afford to lose and stick with that amount. Again, bank your winnings. Set a maximum loss, too. This is the amount limit that tells you when it’s time to walk away.

1. Know Your Game of Choice Inside Out

It’s probably a wise move to know a little bit about the games you want to play before actually playing them. While most of the time gambling comes down to luck, knowing the rules and how to play the game of your choice is obviously to your advantage. Even knowing the lingo is helpful. After all, you don’t want to get swindled by another player or lose all your cash because you didn’t know the rules.

Before going to a casino you should take the time to learn the rules, which can be found anywhere on the Internet, and maybe even have a poker night with some friends for a test drive. If you’re at a casino and are still lost, you can ask the dealer questions or even for a rules sheet, which surprisingly, most casinos have available for newbies, as well as, free lessons.

Image Source: Wiki Casino Games

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