Apple to Feature a 9-pin Mini Dock Connector

iPhone 4S

Source: iPhone 4S | Apple

After the reports that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will ditch the existing 30-pin dock connector, there were claims that the upcoming handset will shrink this feature to a 9-pin style. In addition, the connector’s design will take cue from the company’s patented MagSafe adapters.

The 9-pin Dock Connector

Apple is said to introduce a smaller, 9-pin dock connector together with the expected mobile phone next month. In relation to this, the feature will initiate the retirement of the legacy 30-pin dock connector, which has been the company’s staple on its handheld devices. The 30-pin dock connector has been part of the iPhone maker’s mobile device for almost 10 years, as it was first introduced with the third-generation iPod.

Meanwhile, the recently rumored 8-pin dock has gold contacts seen on one side of the plug. This count is repeated on the other side and are joined by a surrounding aluminum-colored metal shell. The metal shell also serves as a pin contact, which makes the component a 9-pin device.

The issue about the 9-pin dock connector emerged when hollow enclosures that were believed to represent the next-generation iPhone show the same component sized at approximately one-third of the existing 30-pin dock connector. Meanwhile, the recent news about the 9-pin dock connector is supported by references discovered in the beta code for the upcoming iOS 6.

Welcomed Enhancements

Aside from consuming around 40 percent of the space, the new mini dock is also said to deliver an enhanced I/O connectivity and faster transfer rates. It will also be orientation-independent when plugged into any Apple iOS devices. According to sources:

The beauty of this connector is that it no longer matter which side is up when you insert it into the phone. It’s like MagSafe on the [MacBook]—every orientation is the correct one.

The same with the T-shaped MagSafe 2 adapter, Apple’s new mini-dock connector will help facilitate a more compact and slimmer handheld design. That way, users can easily plug in and charge the device without the need to orient the connector in the right direction.

However, there is still the abundance of accessories compatible with the 30-pin dock connector. That being said, it was reported that Apple will provide an adapter that will help to ease users’ transition to the smaller design.

With regard to the next-generation iPhone, the Cupertino-based company is expected to unveil its upcoming handset on September 12. It is also believed that Apple will provide the official specification of its new 9-pin dock connector during the rumored event.

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