Pre-orders for Next-Gen iPhone Will Begin on September 12

iPhone 4S

Source: iPhone 4S | Apple

A report last Monday stated that Apple is gearing up to take pre-order of its next-generation iPhone on September 12. This is also the same day when the company is rumored to take the wraps off its upcoming mobile phone.

In addition, shipment of the device will be on September 21, and the units are slated for a U.S. release. It was also reported that the iPhone maker will be employing a staggered international release, with the first batch set to be deployed on the first week of October.

Apple may look more aggressive with its next-generation iPhone after setting the pre-order and launch date at the same day. Nevertheless, the recent reports are still in line with the company’s traditional release schedule.

When iPhone 4S was released last October 2011, the iPhone maker scheduled for pre-orders three days before it was shipped to the United States. Then it was followed by an international release in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and UK by the end of October 2011. The release of the iPhone 4S to the market is believed to be Apple’s fastest release schedule.

Next-generation iPhone on AT&T

Other than the release date of the next-generation iPhone, it was also reported that AT&T is now preparing to roll out a network-specific version of the upcoming handset. There were claims that the network carrier will be shipping the device on September 12, and the handset will be available on retail stores within a week or two. As posted on tech and gadget website, BGR:

The carrier is currently planning to launch Apple’s next-generation iPhone during the third or fourth week of September, with an all-hands-on-deck policy in place for employees that will extend through the middle of October.

There were also reports that AT&T rescheduled the training event for its regional employees because of the conflict with the big event. Although it would be nice for the carrier to enable people to get a hold of the handset just days after it is announced, this decision doesn’t appear to be unprecedented.

The Much-awaited Apple Event

Other than the next-generation iPhone, Apple is also expected to release a redesigned new iPad and the much-rumored iPad Mini during the event. If all the recent rumors turned out to be true—that the company will update its iOS devices and introduce the upcoming handset—this could be one of their most significant events by the longest mile.

However, none of these speculations can be put to stone until Apple execs hold the rumored devices on stage.

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