9 Signs That Your Wife is Cheating on You


“If you think your spouse is cheating on you, then he/she probably is” – unknown

At some point during a relationship, you’ve had that suspicion that your girlfriend is cheating on you. Maybe it’s just jealousy. Maybe you’re just looking for an excuse to have a fight. Then again, perhaps it happened to you in a past relationship, and you’re just on your guard. Eventually, you get married and that feeling disappears. Or does it?

Regardless of the reasons why you may suspect a cheating spouse, you should ask yourself first if there’s any truth to your suspicions before throwing out accusations. For example, has your wife always been the type of girl who is friends with males? After all, infidelity is a serious matter which can lead to divorce and you being left feeling hurt and unsure if you can trust someone again.

Before you assume the worst, here are nine signs to be on the look out for to tell if your wife is cheating on you.

9. You Have a Gut Feeling

Sometimes trusting your gut is the only sign that you need. Remember, you and your wife are intimately close. You probably know her better than anyone else. In fact, you know each other so well that you’ll know when something’s not right.

8. She Doesn’t Get Angry With You Anymore

Over the years she probably got mad at you when you didn’t want to hang out with her friends or when you didn’t take the trash out. However, if she’s no longer reacting to the things that you do that used to cause her to erupt, then that means she doesn’t care anymore … which probably means, there could be another man in her life.

7. She’s Spending Large Amounts of Money

This is one of the most classic signs of cheating for either sex. If you begin to see large credit bills or her spending more cash than usual, then something is off, especially if you notice any charges to a hotel or for new clothes.

6. She Losses Weight or Begins to Work Out

Another classic sign of a cheating spouse. After years of being together, why else would she begin to care about her body? We think it’s to impress another guy…

5. She Spends More Time Online

In today’s world we have 24/7 access to the Internet. If you notice that she’s checking her email or is on Facebook more than usual, then she may be yakking it up with her new man.

4. She’s Constantly on the Phone

Of course, she could be online using her phone, but maybe she’s smart enough to avoid a trail online. She could still be receiving a lot more texts or phone calls that seem a bit off. Things can get very suspicious if she begins deleting her history, texts, or suddenly adds a password to her phone.

3. She’s Not as Needy Anymore

No matter what she did—shopping, eating, whatever—she always wanted you to go with her. Heck, it may have even seemed that she couldn’t even go to the bathroom without you close by. However, if she suddenly seems overly independent, then that may be a sign that you’ve been replaced by someone else.

2. She Becomes Very Secretive

If she’s no longer telling you every aspect of her day (like she used to), not telling you who she is texting, or hiding things like credit card bills, these are big and obvious signs that she’s cheating and trying to prevent you from finding out, of course.

1. She Has a Change in Routine and Behavior

Here’s another classic telltale sign. Is she staying later at work? Is she spending time with a new ‘friend’ even though she used to be too tired to do so? Are you not having sex anymore? These abrupt changes in behavior and routines are almost a 100 percent guarantee that she’s having an affair.

Image Source: Datingish

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