$100 Gift Card for iPhone 4S Purchase, Now Available on Sprint

iPhone 4S

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Sprint is offering $100 pre-paid gift card to new buyers of 16 GB iPhone 4S, following its price drop on the said smartphone last week. This is the second incentive that was provided by the network carrier, and it comes ahead of the Apple’s expected September 12 launch.

Sprint Gift Card vs. Apple Store Credit

After Sprint launched the promo, Apple was prompted to match the Kansas-based telcos’ offering with a store credit. The company instructed its retail stores to pit against the discount offered by major retailers, limited to $49 iPhone and $149 iPhone 4S. Prior to this, the iPhone maker promised to match handsets’ pricing from major resellers.

Sprint also slashed the price of iPhone 4S to $149 last week, excluding the $36 activation fee waiver. The sale is still on going, and buyers are not required to sign up for a new line to avail. Other retailers such as Target and Best Buy have also followed suit, with most of them offering the current smartphone model at $149.99.

Getting the American Express Pre-paid Gift Card

With the new $100 American Express pre-paid card, as well free activation and shipping, Sprint has successfully dropped down the price of an iPhone 4S to $50. To get this, customers must sign up for a new line with a two-year contract and pay $149.99 up front. The network carrier will send the pre-paid gift card within eight to 10 weeks.

However, there were reports that the discount is only available online and will only last until August 26. It is also yet to be known whether Apple will continue to offer the matching store credits once the carrier lifted its promo.

Unveiling the Next-generation iPhone

It appears that more and more retailers are offering the iPhone 4S at a lower price, as the rumored Apple event on September is getting near. Additionally, it was reported yesterday that the company is preparing to take pre-orders for the next-generation iPhone. Buyers can allegedly place their orders online on September 12, and the upcoming handset will be shipped on September 21.

After that, the iPhone maker will employ a staggered international release. The first batch of shipment is set to be deployed on the first week of October.

Other than the next-generation iPhone, it is also expected that the company will release a redesigned new iPad and much-rumored iPad Mini on the said event. In case these rumors turn out to be true, this could be one of Apple’s most significant events in its entire history.

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