Notorious Bond: 50 Years of James Bond on Film (Infographic)

Image Source: Filmaria

In 1953 writer Ian Fleming created one of the greatest fictional characters ever. James Bond, code name 007. However, it wasn’t until 1962 when Sean Connery brought the character to life on the big screen with Dr. No that Bond became the legendary icon that every man wishes he could be.


Believe it or not, James Bond on film has now been on film for fifty years. And, Mr. Bond isn’t done entertaining us. Even after 22 films, he will return again on October 26, 2012 with Skyfall.


In honor of this achievement, Christiana Winkles, along with with Alexis Cuddyre and David Paul Rosser created a fun and smooth graphic for the Information is Beautiful Awards that takes a look at the Notorious Bond.

Ultimately, the graph compares how many sexual conquests, martinis and deaths between each Bond film throughout the decades to spark the debate “Who’s the best Bond?”

Check out the following graph, but head on over to notoriousbond.info for the full experience, and tell us who you think the best Bond is?

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