In the Wild: Photos of Complete Next-Gen iPhone

iPhone 4S

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Last Saturday, fresh images of the purported, complete next-generation iPhone emerged on the Web, giving people a glimpse of its rumored 4-inch display. It was reported that Apple will be employing a larger screen on its upcoming handset, a new feature that is considered as first for the company’s mobile phone line up.

Next-generation iPhone with 4-inch Display

Although it didn’t reveal much, the photos from repair website UBreakiFix via MacRumors are some of the first to show the smartphone’s larger display. No conclusive findings can be made from the images, but the device’s connectors resemble the layout of existing iPhone flex cables.

It is expected that Apple will increase the display size of its next-generation iPhone to 4 inches from the current 3.5-inch screen, which was used since the first iPhone was released in 2007. Although the handset’s screen resolution has increased in the following years, the mobile phone’s physical dimension has not changed.

The increase of screen size to 4 inches would bump the smartphone’s real estate to 26 percent. There were also claims that the device’s horizontal resolution will remain at 640 pixels, while the vertical resolution will be stretched to 1,136 pixels. It would enable the next-generation iPhone to offer 16:9 aspect ratio, while retaining its one-handed operation. Prior to this, there were “image leaks” that show a photo of a fully-assembled mobile phone, as well as its new display shielding.

Last month, photos of an alleged Apple’s upcoming handset hit the Web, showing what could be the most detailed look at the company’s much-awaited handheld device. The pictures were posted by the Japanese iPhone repair company, iLab Factory. The parts used on assembling the smartphone are believed to be from leaked parts sourced from China.

However, the image only shows external parts, while integral electronics, such as cameras, logic board, and battery, indicate that the leaked parts may come from an upstream supplier rather than an assembly plant.

There were also images of Apple’s upcoming device, showing parts that already appeared on previous reports. This includes protective glass cover, internal sensors, external button like volume rocker, and a thin sheet of metal that appears to be a protective shielding for the 4-inch screen’s back.

Apple is expected to announce the next-generation iPhone at a yet-to-be-announced event this September 12. Additionally, it was reported that the company will start taking pre-order of the upcoming handset on the same day, while U.S. shipping will start on September 21.

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