OS X 10.8.1 Substantially Improves Battery Life on Macs

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Source: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion | Apple

According to an unnamed developer, the pre-release build of OS X 10.8.1 has improved his MacBook’s battery life by as much as four hours. This improvement was discovered after the developer installed the software beta on his notebook. Prior to this, he reported that his MacBook was showing a battery life of 4 hours and 5 minutes after a full charge.

OS X Mountain Lion Battery Issues

Last July, it was reported that some MacBook users were seeing battery life issues on their notebooks after installing Apple’s latest OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. In relation to this, a forum thread about this issue was started on July 25, the same day when the company rolled out its new Mac OS.

The thread chronicles the number of complaints from users who recently installed the OS X 10.8. Some users suggested that the problem lies with the OS’ Power Nap feature, while other MacBook owners found limited success with resetting their machine’s system management controller.

However, there were reports that only certain MacBook models were affected by this isue, while other users shared that their notebook’s battery life actually increased after installing Mountain Lion.

Those complaints were validated by a series of tests conducted by Ars Technica, showing that the new operating system drains battery significantly faster than its predecessor.

In a series of tests, the online publication tested the battery life on two MacBook Pro with Retina Display. One of the notebooks runs on the new Mountain Lion while the other runs on OS X 10.7. Ars was able to hit more than eight hours of runtime with the Lion-powered MacBook Pro. On the other hand, the notebook that is powered by OS X 10.8 only lasted for around five hours.

Remedies and Software Update

Meanwhile, Apple did not release any public statement regarding the issue. However, some users reported that company representatives reached out to them and acquired system information in order to fix the issue.

This report was followed by the beta release of OS X 10.8.1 earlier this month. The documentation accompanying the software Build 12B13 stated that it is designed to fix the display noise issue associated with the use of Thunderbolt. It didn’t mention anything that is related to battery life. Hopefully, a fool-proof fix will land soon on affected MacBooks.

Have you installed the OS X 10.8.1 beta on your Mac? How is your notebook’s performance after installing the developer software update?

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