Would You Spend $50,000 for Rare Copy of Final Fantasy II?

Have you ever felt a little guilty about forking over the cash to reclaim a piece of your childhood? Maybe you won’t feel so bad after you hear about a video game that’s selling on ebay for $50,000.

The game in question is literally a one-of-kind Final Fantasy II NES demo, which was specifically made for the 1991 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. But, there are a couple of other things which make this prototype extremely rare.

Firstly, if you’re familiar with the Final Fantasy franchise, then you already know that the numbering was switched around a bit as it made it’s way from Japan to the U.S. For example, Final Fantasy skipped to Final Fantasy IV but then it was decided to label the latter as Final Fantasy II. We know it’s a bit confusing. Secondly, Final Fantasy II was never released in the States. Finally, this working prototype was intended to be released on the classic 8-bit NES Square, but was scrapped to focus on the new 16-bit Super Nintendo.

And, here’s some more details from the ebay page:

A pre-production sample cartridge for any video game from this era is rare indeed, but for one to survive for a game that was never actually released is something of a miracle. Having that unreleased game be a part of one of the most important franchises in video game history is basically unheard of.

I have been the proud owner of this cartridge for over nine years now, and as far as I am aware, this is the only legitimate copy of the game that exists. Any other copies you have seen of Final Fantasy II for the NES have been bootlegs, this is the real deal.

It has been stored securely since it was originally purchased in 2003, and until I took the photos for this auction, it had not touched a console since that time.

According to Geekosystem, the game is being sold by Frank Cifaldi, who is known as a video game historian. He even has a site, Lost Levels, which makes previously unseen video game prototypes and demos available to fans. Clearly, the guy knows his stuff. And, die hard Final Fantasy collectors should be ecstatic that he’s parting with the centerpiece of his collection.

As of this writing, there are 74 offers. So, you better get $50,000 before this piece of gaming history slips through your fingers.

Image Source: ebay

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