Rumored Image of Next-Gen iPhone USB Cable Shows Smaller Dock Connector

iPhone 4S

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New images appeared online which show an alleged USB charge and sync cable for Apple’s next-generation iPhone. The USB cable is complete with a smaller dock connector, which goes in line with the previous rumors that the upcoming mobile phone will feature a 9-pin dock connector.

Veister’s USB Cable in the Wild

Last Wednesday, cable maker Veister posted an image on Twitter that shows a purported USB cable for Apple’s upcoming handset. The cable features traditional USB plug on one side, while it has a new and smaller dock connector on the other. What’s interesting is that the image shows a cable that is the same with Apple’s sync and charge cables.

Moreover, the photo matches with the number of leaked USB component parts that were reported earlier this month. Following the reports that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will ditch the existing 30-pin dock connector, there were claims that the upcoming mobile phone will shrink this component to a 9-pin style. In addition, the connector’s design will take cue from the company’s patented MagSafe adapters.

The connector has eight gold pins, as well as a metal shell that also serves as a functional contact. It will also take up about 60 percent less real estate than its predecessor.

More Next-generation iPhone Rumors

In relation to this, repair website UBreakiFix posted images of the rumored complete next-generation iPhone. The photos give people a glimpse of the handset’s 4-inch display. Although it didn’t reveal much, the device’s connectors resemble the layout of existing iPhone flex cables.

It is expected that Apple will increase the display size of its next-generation iPhone to 4 inches from the current 3.5 inches. Although the handset’s screen resolution has increased in the following years, the mobile phone’s physical dimension has not changed. An increase in the mobile phone’s screen size would bump the smartphone’s real estate to 26 percent.

Last month, Japanese iPhone repair company iLab Factory posted an image of the rumored next-generation iPhone. The photo shows what could be the most detailed look of the upcoming handset. However, the image only shows the external parts, while its internal electronics indicate that the leaked parts came from an upstream supplier rather an assembly plant.

Apple is expected to announce the next-generation iPhone at a yet-to-be-announced event this September 12. There were also reports that the company will start to take pre-orders of the device on the same day, which will be shipped on September 21.

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