Human Element: A Not-so-zombie Zombie Game

Human Element

Source: Human Element | Official Website

In an interview with Raptr yesterday, Robotoki President Robert Bowling shared his thoughts and made some revelations about their upcoming game, Human Element. According to Bowling, Human Element is not your typical zombie game. It is actually a survival game that took place 35 years after the event.

For example, that moment when you realize you have one bullet and a roaming gang of 4 survivors who desperately need what you have in your pack. Alerting them means confrontation, and firing one shot may take out one of them, but alerts everyone else to your presence. It’s about making smart choices with the goal of surviving.

Inspiration, Game Engine, and More Revelations

In relation to this, Bowling revealed that their biggest inspirations for the game were Minecraft, Red Dead Redemption, as well as the depth and experience of games like Fallout 3. Although the game is not horror per se, the goal of Human Element is to give players a platform to define what is fun for them.

When asked about what game engine the upcoming title would be developed on, Bowling replied that they are eyeing Unreal Development platform. Although he didn’t mention whether they will be using Engine 3 or Engine 4, there are speculations that Human Element will developed with the latter. That’s because the game won’t be released until 2015.

In addition, the game has only been in pre-production since April. Once the actual production starts, Human Element will have solo campaign mode, co-op, and some sort of multiplayer model. As mentioned previously, zombies are not the main focus of the game. He also talked about the game’s design, and how it is incorporated with the real world and the OUYA prequels.

The episodic prequels on OUYA will be much more focused on showing a very specific story from a pinnacle moment in the fall of society, such as a day after the event occurs and a week after. This will be a solo experience.

Luckily, the design for Human Element is much different than that of Day Z or other zombie games, as we’re not a zombie game in the traditional sense, and simply use the zombie apocalypse (which happened 35 years PRIOR to the story of HE) as a catalyst to tell a story of survival and human behavior defined by moral choices and actions in addition to the cross platform play of how the prequels will lead to the main story and how you’ll have the option for mobile interaction such as looting real world locations via GPS data and feeding those supplies back to your character in-game.

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