Battlefield 3 Patch is in the Works

Battlefield 3 Cover Art

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Battlefield 3’s Armored Kill Expansion is almost here, together with a new patch for the game. It was confirmed by the Battlelog Content Manager Ruben Santana that a “multiplayer update” will land on PlayStation 3 on September 4. However, it is yet to be known whether the patch will include bug fixes, as there are no patch notes yet.

Since its release, game developer EA was able to introduce unparalleled levels on in-game destruction, all-out vehicle warfare, and redefined online gameplay. After that, a Battlefield 3 Premium was released. The game features early access to all five expansion packs, exclusive in-game items, online double XP events, and insider tactics from DICE.

It was followed by the release of Back to Karkand and Close Quarters expansion pack. There were also reports that the Armored Kill Expansion is now in the works, while End Game and Aftermath are still on the horizon.

Exclusive Access to Battlefield 4

Other than the upcoming release of the game’s Armored Kill Expansion pack and patch, it was reported that gamers can have access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 beta when they pre-order Medal of Honor Warfighter.

The MoH Warfighter will come in two versions: Limited and Deluxe Editions. The former costs $60, and it will be available for Xbox 360. The Deluxe Edition, on the other hand, is tagged at $70. It will feature PC Digital Download, Day 1 Unlocks, British SAS SPEC OPS, Russian SPETSNAZ, Alpha Group Heavy Gunner, and Digital Game Soundtrack.

In addition, the game will allow players to unlock the U.S. Navy SEAL sniper and McMillan TAC-300 sniper rifle, as well as engage in Multinational Tier 1 blue vs. blue team play. Other than the exclusive beta access, Battlefield didn’t share any more information about its next addition to the series.

More About Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3, commonly abbreviated as BF3, is a first-person shooter game, which features combined arms battles. This made the series popular across single-player, co-operative, and multiplayer modes. The game also reintroduces the fighter jets, prone position, and 64-player battles on PC—an element that were absent from several Bad Company games.

It was set in 2014 and revolves around the story of Staff Sgt. Henry “Black” Blackburn. In Battelfield 3, the protagonist leads a five-man squad on a mission to find and safely return a U.S. squad investigating a possible IED in Iraq.

When it was announced, Battlefield 3’s pre-order total makes it “the biggest first-shooter launch in EA history.” It also garnered multiple awards, including Best Shooter and Best Multiplayer Game in 2011 IGN People’s Choice Award.

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