Alleged Complications May Lessen Next-Gen iPhone’s Launch Supplies

iPhone 4S

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A new report claims that shipments of Apple’s next-generation iPhone are likely to be less than 15 million during the third quarter of this year. That’s because there were alleged complications in producing the device.

Production Hiccups for Next-generation iPhone

According to unnamed sources cited by Taiwanese news source DigiTimes, Apple initially hoped that they will be able to ship 20 million units of the next-generation iPhone this quarter. However, this figure might fall to less than 15 million due to rumored supply constraints.

The production hiccup is a result of Apple redesigning the connector found at the bottom of the device. Foxconn was also reported to have insufficient supply for the materials needed for the connector. As stated on the report:

Issues related to the poor yields of in-cell panels have been cited previously as possibly disrupting Apple’s shipping schedule for new iPhones. The latest rumors indicate that Apple has recently redesigned a connector at the bottom of the new iPhone and that yield rates of the new connectors at Foxconn International Holdings have been low due in part to insufficient supply of some key materials.

A reduction in the first batch of shipments of new iPhones may result in a short supply, which in turn may trigger a buying spree for new models in the fourth quarter as well as the first half of 2013.

What Lies Ahead for Next-generation iPhone

Last month, DigiTimes reported that the upcoming mobile phone is having low-yield rates for its purported in-cell touchscreens. Although the online publication has a hit-or-miss track record, its previous account about the handset’s in-cell touch panels were later corroborated by both The Wall Street Journal and KGI Securities’ Ming-chi Kuo.

The analyst issued a report last April, stating that Apple will introduce the in-cell touch panels for its next handset. He added that the new display design would embed the touch sensor within the TFT LCD, saving as much as 0.4 mm in thickness.

In 2011, Apple was able to sold 4 million units of iPhone 4S during its first week of availability. This is more than double the company’s sales reports for iPhone 4, which shipped 1.7 million units in 2010.

Apple is expected to introduce the next-gen iPhone on a media event this September 12, with the pre-order of the new device also taking the same day. It will be followed by a U.S. release on September 21.

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