19 Hilariously Bad Baseball Cards

Long before fantasy sports came along, there were these things called “cards.” They were simply pieces of cardboard that had a player’s picture on the front and their bio and stats on the back. In short, they told us everything we needed to know about an athlete. They were widely popular. In fact, there were actually stores dedicated to selling cards, and collector’s spent an endless amount of time searching and trading to complete their collections.

Out of all the sports, however, there were no other cards more popular than baseball cards. Even if you collected basketball, football, or hockey cards, you still called them baseball cards. Perhaps it’s because baseball was just that popular or maybe it’s because the game has a long history with introducing players to their fans. Even during the early years of baseball in the late 1800s, there were these.

Well, I guess we’d call them promo shots today. They may seem weird and hilarious to us now, but did things really change all that much during the 20th century as the game became America’s pastime? Check out these 19 hilariously bad baseball cards, and you be the judge.

19. Steve Lake

Dude. You’re a Philadelphia Phillie, not a Pittsburgh Pirate.

Image Source: Nerd Baseball

18. Gary Mota

How was this considered appropriate?

Image Source: Astroland

17. Rich Folkers

Is it us or does Rich Folkers look like he’s in physical pain?

Image Source: Weird Palace

16. Doug Drabek

Were the White Sox playing an exhibition game in Russia?

Image Source: Can’t Have Too Many Cards

15. Don Mossi

Mossi makes Jamie Moyer look like a rookie.

Image Source: flickriver

14. Dick Pole


Image Source: Random Funny Picture

13. Adam Piatt

Can we even verify that this is indeed Adam Piatt?

Image Source: Baseball Card Bust

12. Oscar Azocar

Someone really loves his bat.

Image Source: Check Out My Cards

11. Chuck Finley

Chuck Finley may not be a household name, but the dude can shred.

Image Source: Blue Grass Rivals

10. Jay Johnstone

The facial expression would be enough, but that umbrella hat is classic.

Image Source: Nerd Baseball

9. Bip Roberts

It’s not everyday that you see a sombrero in the dugout.

Image Source: Quora

8. Mike Armstrong

Why so serious?

Image Source: Stefan Banderson

7. Wally Moon

Laugh all you want at the uni-brow, but Moon won the 1954 NL Rookie of the Year.

Image Source: Pengo Sports

6. Brian Harper

Nice phone Brian.

Image Source: Mustaches & Baseball

5. Randy McCament

Probably the greatest back to any baseball card ever produced.

Image Source: Strange Cosmos

4. Steve Kline

Is this considered child endangerment?

Image Source: Dime Boxes

3. Greg Minton

This can’t be real, right?

Image Source: Cardboard Gods

2. Rex Hudler

Sorry Coach. Rex doesn’t want to play today.

Image Source: Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page

1. Keith Comstock


Image Source: Total Pro Sports

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