5 NBA Players That Should Join LeBron in Space Jam 2

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If you’re LeBron James, what else is there left for you to conquer in your profession? After all, King James finally has his NBA championship and some Olympic gold medals. Well, how about branching out into movies?

This past Sunday night, LeBron was killing some time by taking some questions from fans via Twitter. One person asked LeBron if he liked Space Jam. The response was “Love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2!”. Of course, that little remark has been picking up some steam all week. LeBron James wants to do a Space Jam sequel, but will it actually happen?

As of now, the answer is no. Warner Bros. has no plans for Space Jam 2. However, with the attention that this has been getting, it’s possible that someone at the WB is putting this whole idea in motion. While many fans are opposed to seeing a sequel to the 1996 movie, it does make sense—at least financially.

The NBA is big business, perhaps even bigger than when MJ originally teamed up with our favorite Looney Toons characters, and LeBron is perhaps basketball’s largest cash cow. Combine that with some of the most iconic cartoon characters, and you’re looking at millions (Space Jam made $230 million back in 1996).

However, for this to really pay off for everyone involved, LeBron is going to have some other NBA greats come along for the ride. Not only will this draw in more basketball fans, it will also help with the plot. If you don’t recall, Jordan had to join Bugs Bunny and Company’s team after aliens stole the physical attributes and talents of five NBA players. So, who could replace Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, and Muggsy Bouges if there was going to be a sequel to Space Jam? Well, here are our five suggestions:

Kobe Bryant

An obvious selection. Not only is he one of the most well-known players in the NBA, but he also remains one of the best. His skills and swagger would be exactly what our alien invaders are looking for. In reality, he could ask Lakers super-fan Jack Nicholson to make a cameo, or at least, give him a couple of acting tips.

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Kevin Durant

This is another no-brainier, especially if you were constructing some sort of All-Star team. Durant is rapidly becoming one of the NBA’s most recognizable, well-liked, and top players.

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Blake Griffin>

Griffin’s power and tenacity would fit perfectly on the “Monstars.” Plus, his Kia commercials are entertaining enough to prove that he has a lot of charisma on screen.

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Dwight Howard

Simple. He’s Superman. And since the WB owns both properties (Looney Toons and Superman), there’s no chance of copyright infringements.

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Rajon Rondo

He is Mr. Triple-Double—it’s as if Oscar Robertson and John Stockton had a baby. Plus, he would get the always enthused Celtics fans excited about the film.

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