13 Everyday Items That Turn Into Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start figuring out which costume to pick out. The problem is that finding the right costume is not only time consuming, but it’s also expensive, and year after year it just doesn’t make sense financially.

Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on something that anyone can pick up from a generic Halloween store, why not make your own costume from everyday items that you probably have lying around in the house? It may sound like a challenge at first, but here are 13 everyday items that you can turn into an original Halloween costume.

13. Sheets

Cliche. Yes. But this is a classic last minute resort. Take a white sheet and cut out eye holes, and now you’ve got yourself an instant ghost costume. Of course, you can be more creative with it, but this is a simple and easy costume.

Image Source: All Posters

12. Pillows

Everyone has an extra pillow or two which he/she could use to create a pregnant woman or even a fat man. It will save you the money from purchasing the almost exact same thing as pictured above.

Image Source: Meijer

11. Hats

More likely than not, you have some sort of hat floating around the house. Even if you don’t, you can borrow one. So, if you have a cowboy hat, for example, you can dress up at that. Once you’ve found a hat, you can easily piece together a costume from there.

Image Source: Costume Pop

10. Superhero

OK. We know this isn’t a specific item, but you’ll get the point. Superheroes are rather easy. For example, go green and rip some pants up, and you’re the Hulk. If you have a Superman shirt, put on a suit and glasses, then you’re Clark Kent. Then again, you can always create your own hero. Throw a towel around your neck, wear sunglasses, walk around with kitchen utensils, and call yourself Captain Pancake.

Image Source: Mania

9. Picture Frame

Grab a picture frame, and you’ve not got yourself a costume as a painting.

Image Source: Daily Picks and Flicks

8. Bathrobe

You could use your old and beat-up bathrobe for a boxer’s outfit, or more specifically someone like Rocky Balboa. If you’re not digging the boxing thing, how about recreating The Dude or Cousin Eddie?

Image Source: WTF Costumes

7. Dictionary, Glasses, Etc.

You know where we’re going with this. Take a dictionary and put on some glasses, and you’re on your way to making a nerd costume.

Image Source: Kaboose

6. Newspapers

If you happen to have accumulated a massive amount of newspapers, you can use them as the main part of a shaggy dog costume.

Image Source: Costume Pop

5. Cornstarch

Making your own zombie costume is one of the easiest things to do. Just tear up some old clothing and make wounds from cornstarch. That’s right. Red food coloring will work for the blood, but there are other numerous recipes out there using common household products.

Image Source: DIY Fashion

4. Bike Helmet

Carrie Ortiz combined a bike helmet, battery-powered lights, and … a big plastic salad bowl? If you were going to guess—yes, an awesome DIY jellyfish costume.

Image Source: Inhabitat

3. Trash Bags

Take out one of your black trash bags, cut out some holes for your legs, and add some trash. Or if you have clear bags and different colored balloons, you can be a jelly bean bag.

Image Source: mnn

2. Red Hoodie

If you own a red hoodie, just pick up your bicycle, print out a head-shot of E.T., put it on a box, and wrap a white towel around it. Now, you can be Elliott and E.T. for Halloween.

Image Source: City Weekend

1. Cardboard Boxes

Do you have some old cardboard boxes taking up space in the garage? You can get rid of them by using them to create a Halloween costume. Using some paint, and maybe some extra pieces, you could make anything from a Rubik’s Cube, dice, a TV, car, or gift box. If you’re really talented you can even make a robot suit or suit of armor. The possibilities are countless.

Image Source: Little Birdie Secrets

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