Video and Photos of iPhone 4S and Next-Gen iPhone Hit the Web

iPhone 4S

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As the rumored announcement of Apple’s next-generation iPhone draws near, a new video and an accompanying high-resolution photo of the upcoming device’s front assembly hit the Web last Thursday. The new leaked video and images are adding to the multitude of rumors about the much-awaited sixth-generation smartphone.

Next-gen iPhone’s Leaked Video and Images

The video and images came from the Chinese cell phone parts company, SinoCet, which show the purported front assembly of Apple’s forthcoming handset. Earlier, there were also image leaks that were seen across the Internet. However, the recent photos and video show a side-by-side comparison of the front panel taken from the rumored mobile phone and iPhone 4S.

Although the validity of the images is yet to be confirmed, it appears to be in line with the piling speculations from various sources. Prior to this, a video showing the purported flex cable of the next-generation iPhone indicated the possible relocation of its headphone jack, front-facing camera, and proximity sensor.

There were also rumors of an unidentified chip seen on top of the display near the earpiece. Many believed that the mysterious component was the Near Field Communication chip. However, the speculations were put to rest after it was reported that the device is less likely to feature the said technology.

Additionally, people expect that the sixth-generation smartphone will have a 4-inch display, which increases its real estate. Prior to this, Apple’s handsets feature 3.5-inch screen since the first model was launched in 2007. However, the company increased the resolution of its mobile phones over the year, with Retina Display as its latest feature update.

It is also expected that the next-generation iPhone will have a smaller 9-pin dock connector. In fact, cable maker Veister posted an image on Twitter that shows a purported USB cable for Apple’s upcoming device. The cable features a traditional USB plug on one side, while it has a new and smaller dock connector on the other.

In addition, it was reported that the company will trim down the smartphone’s weight by using in-cell touchscreen display. This technology integrates a display’s touch-sensing element with the LCD array. In relation to this, there were speculations that three separate companies will be manufacturing the component, and it was announced last week that the production already started.

It is expected that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will be announced on September 12, with the pre-orders set to take place on the same day. It will be followed by a U.S. release on September 21.

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