Next-Gen iPhone Mockup Appears at IFA 2012

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A new video surfaced on the Web last week, showing a realistic mockup of the next-generation iPhone. Tech and gadget site GSM Israel says that it has stumbled upon the handset at the booth of a third-party accessory maker during the 2012 IFA in Berlin. The smartphone on the video appears to be similar to dozens of leaked fully-assembled mobile phones, which represent Apple’s upcoming device.

Mockup Next-gen iPhone on Cam

Based on the video, the leaked next-generation iPhone shows two-tone silver and white handset, as well as finely brushed aluminum edges and buttons. It also features 4-inch display, rear-facing camera, and mini dock connector.

However, the smartphone’s surface produces reflections that are similar from what people would get from a synthetic material. This means that the mobile phone is not using Gorilla glass, which could indicate that the device on the video is a well-crafted mockup. In addition, AppleInsider saw the markings on the rear of the purported next-generation iPhone. It carries the “Model NO. A1303” marking and the FCC ID “BCGA1303A,” which the company already used for its iPhone 3GS.

Prior to this, mockups of the handset made headlines in January 2012. The handset was spotted during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a couple of weeks before Apple unveiled the new iPad.

Last week, it was reported that Chinese cell phone parts company SinoCet released a video, along with a high-resolution photo, that shows the upcoming smartphone’s front assembly. It reveals a side-by-side comparison of the front panel taken from the rumored mobile phone and iPhone 4S. The video also shows the device’s purported flex cable, which indicates the possible relocation of its headphone jack, front-facing camera, and proximity sensor. In addition, a mystery component was spotted on top of the display near the earpiece.

Many believed that the component was the Near Field Communication chip. However, speculations were put to rest after it was reported that the next-generation iPhone is less likely to feature the said technology.

Upcoming Release

Although the leaked video only shows a full-assembled mockup of the next-generation iPhone, the clip offers one of the best visual examples of what the upcoming handset will look like.

It is expected that Apple will take the wraps off its new mobile phone on September 12, with pre-orders also taking place on the same day. It will be followed by a U.S. release on September 21.

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