New In-ear Headphones for Next-Gen iPhone

Source: In-ear Headphones for iPhone 4S | Apple Store

A video shows an allegedly redesigned pair of in-ear headphones set for Apple’s next-generation iPhone. It is also believed that the accessory will be introduced this fall, together with the handset’s September release.

Meet the Redesigned In-ear Headphones

The images and video came from Vietnamese website Tinhte, showing a new in-ear headphone that is slated for bundling with the upcoming device. In addition, the source believes that the accessory came from Foxconn Vietnam, as the cable labeling reads “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in Vietnam.” However, the validity of these claims cannot be confirmed.

As for its design, the in-hear headphones is somewhat a deviation from the current model used on Apple’s existing iPhone models. It sports truncated teardrop shape that is supposedly more comfortable than the gratis set supplied on existing units. It appears that the headphones are a combination of the company’s current lineup and use moving coil technology, which is in a seamless chassis that partially enters the ear canal.

It protective mesh grate appears to have two ports that hint at a dual driver. It has a balanced armature system that is similar to the one seen in Apple’s higher-end, after-market, in-ear unit. However, the use of this technology is unlikely, since the slits seen on the back of the earpiece and bottom of the stem are not in line with such setup. It usually calls for a sealed chassis for optimal performance.

The in-ear headphones also lack an inline microphone and volume controls—two features that are necessary with an iPhone. However, a TRRS connector (a 3.5 mm headphone jack with four contacts needed for mic functionality) can be briefly seen near the end of the video. This gives hint that the mics are embedded within the headphone.

NFC on Next-generation iPhone

Prior to this, there were components claiming to be from Apple’s next-generation iPhone. A “mystery component” was found next to the device’s front-facing camera, which many speculated as the Near Field Communication chip.

However, AnandTech concluded that the component is more likely to be a touch-and-display controller. This component is believed to power the company’s rumored in-cell touchscreen. This report also silenced the rumors that NFC technology will land on the upcoming smartphone, which is expected to boast mobile payment functionality.

Apple is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhone on September 12, with pre-orders set to kick off on the same day. It will be followed by a U.S. release on September 21.

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