New Larger Kindle Fire is Coming This Week

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Last Friday’s report claimed that Amazon will not introduce a larger Kindle Fire on its upcoming media event this week. Prior to this, it was rumored that the online retailer will launch a 10-inch tablet, which people speculated will compete against Apple’s iPad. However, instead of releasing a larger Kindle Fire and competing against the iPad, Amazon will stick with two 7-inch tablets.

What to Expect from Amazon This Week

CNET reported last week that only two 7-inch Kindle Fire models will be revealed this week. This contradicts previous reports that the online retailer will introduce a 10-inch tablet, though a larger Kindle Fire may still be in the works.

That being said, Amazon will introduce two 7-inch models this week. The devices will include a redesigned version of the existing Kindle Fire, which is believed to be a defensive move to the growing market of small-form tablet market. There’s also a stiffing competition in the market with the addition of Google’s Nexus 7. It will even be stiffer once the rumored iPad Mini sees the light of day.

The redesigned model will feature a new user interface and lower price point, although pricing details are still unavailable. Along with it comes a “higher-end” model that is said to boast more hardware improvements, faster processor, camera, physical volume controls, and HDMI port. It will also have larger storage capacity, although it will still not be expandable. Additionally, it is yet to be known whether the two models will have different names.

Amazon on Tablet Market

Amazon first launched its Kindle Fire in September 2011, and it enjoyed strong initial sales because of its $199 price tag. However, its demand collapsed due to low customer satisfaction.

Last Thursday, the online retailer issued a press release, saying that its current Kindle Fire garners 22 percent of the U.S. tablet market. However, it didn’t back up the claims with specific sales numbers. It didn’t even reveal how it calculated its market share.

On the other hand, HIS iSuppli reported that the Kindle Fire is not in nearly as many markets. Samsung had 9.2 percent of the global tablet market during the second quarter of this year, while Amazon only had 4.2 percent of the share. Still, the online retailer was able to expand its presence abroad by launching its app store in several European markets.

In the same announcement, Amazon stated that its Kindle Fire is out of stock, which indicates the imminent debut of a new product launch.

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