Best Halloween Practical Jokes Even You Can Pull Off

Besides April Fool’s Day, Halloween is probably the second most prank-filled day of the year. After all, playing pranks on your neighbors has been going on in certain parts of world for centuries. But instead of doing the same old juvenile pranks that can damage property, like toilet papering or egging someone’s house, here are pranks that will scare unsuspecting trick or treaters or guests at Halloween party. And best of all, these pranks are easy enough for you to pull off. Of course, these may be juvenile too, but they won’t cause any damage, meaning no one will be coming after you looking for payback.

The Classic Halloween Scare

This is a simple and timeless Halloween prank. All you have to do is hide somewhere and jump out and scream at trick or treaters as they are coming or going to the front door. If you’re at a party, hide in a closet, for example. If you don’t have any good hiding places in the front of your house, you can always bury yourself underneath leaves next to a bale of hay.

If you want to be more creative, dress as scarecrow or any other appropriate costume, and appear to just be another Halloween decoration until the time is right to scare innocent bystanders.

Moving Candy

This is one that will surely make any trick or treater scream at the top of his or her lungs. Basically, you take a candy bowl, cut out a hole, and place it on a table where your body can be hidden and your hand can be placed into the bowl. When someone goes to grab some treats from the bowl, you grab his or her hand.

Not Your Typical Treats

Every trick or treater expects candy, but something from a junk drawer? When you have costumed visitors, just say that you ran out of candy, ask them to wait a minute, act like rummaging through a drawer or closet, and come back with random inexpensive and everyday items in the house. It won’t scare them, but it may agitate kids.

Fishing Line

Attach anything like money candy or glow sticks to the end of some finishing line. When someone goes to pick the item up, you pull the line so that they can’t get to it.

Message in the Mirror

This is perfect, especially if you want to make someone living with you jump out of his or her skin. On the bathroom mirror, write a creepy message with your finger. Then blow over every letter and make sure to let it dry for at least 10 minutes. When your victim exits the shower, they will be greeted with a message in the mirror.

Hidden Rats or Snakes

Buy some fake rats and/or snakes and place them in unsuspecting areas of the household. Places like the fridge, a cabinet, or in the toilet bowl are perfect. A person will open up a cabinet door, for example, and will come across an unwelcome guest, which will definitely send him or her screaming out of the room. A remote controlled rat would also work excellently.

Power Outage

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, this is perfect. In the middle of the party, hit the main power switch on your fuse box. Without power is scary enough, but have some people that are in this prank with you do things like scrape the outside windows or make noises in another part of the house. This will freak out your guests.

Caramel Onions

Instead of the classic caramel apple, give people caramel onions. All you have to do is wrap an apple-shaped onion in a caramel-apple wrap (these are available in grocery stores this time of year). Then, add a Popsicle stick, melt the caramel slightly in the microwave, and let it cool. Finally, serve it to your unsuspecting victim. Credit for this idea goes to

Porn Star Toilet

This was a genius prank idea from the Man Show. All you need to do is remove the lid of the toilet tank, disconnect the hose the refills the tank with water, and replace the lid on top of hose so that it is hidden. When someone flushes the toilet, they will receive a shower.

Sick at Work

Here’s a simple, little, workplace prank. Show up to work looking ill. Make sure to complain about not feeling well throughout the day. However, make sure that you tell your coworkers that you can’t miss any days or the Halloween Party, if you’re place of employment has one, to really make people squirm and scratch a lot.

Image Source: Funny Junk

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