Confirmed! Young Snake Will Be in ‘Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes’

Source: Young Snake for Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes | Hideo Kojima on Twitter

A tweet from the director of Kojima Productions, Hideo Kojima, confirms that the young Snake will make an appearance on Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes. The game’s trailer was revealed last week, leaving many fans questioning about Snake’s hair color. It appears that there’s a disparity between some of the game’s promotional artwork and what was seen in the trailer.

Meet the Young Snake on MGS: Ground Zeroes

In one picture, Snake was featured as a younger version of himself, together with the confirmation that the Ground Zeroes will be a prologue. However, the character looks quite old in the footage. Thus, Kojima explained that disparity was due to rim lighting. As posted on his Twitter account:

“Saw many tweet about Snake in grey hair after taking off the goggle. This is due to the rim-lighting.”

Metal Gear: Ground Zeroes’ trailer was launched last week during the game franchise’s 25th Anniversary celebration in Japan. The reveal kicked off after the game developer took the wraps off their Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops from GREE.

The trailer that wowed attendees shows the return of Snake and puts the fans’s doubts to rest about the franchise deviating from its traditional stealth-oriented gameplay. In addition, Kojima made it clear that MGS: Ground Zeroes is not Metal Solid Gear 5. This is not a continuation of what transpired in MGS 4.

Snake as the Big Boss

Although without goggles, the young Snake is remarkably similar to the one in Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. He even looks cool with the eye patch! He might be the Big Boss, although nothing is set on stone yet. Such speculations gained traction after seeing Snake’s eye patch on his right eye.

The gear that he’s wearing can also be an indication that the game is set in the late Cold War. So if the game is a prologue, does that mean the next title will feature Solid Snake? Well, that remains to be seen.

Additionally, the trailer reveals that Kojima Production’s Fox Engine is looking fantastic. However, there were claims that it is an “open-world” title. In fact, various tweets from attendees reflect similar sentiments about the new game.

There is no release windows or platform yet for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, although there are rumors that it will be available for Sony PlayStation 3 and PC next year. Not much else is known about the upcoming PlayStation 3 game at the time, but more details are sure to come.

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