The 14 Hottest Comic Book Heroines

Hot Herroines

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Admit it. There have been times when you’ve been reading a comic or a graphic novel and thought to yourself that there are a bunch of hotties in the pages of comics. You feel kinda weird and strange, because you know, you’re gawking at drawings, but is it really that far fetched? Besides having super powers, heroines have remarkable physiques and wear incredibly tight clothing. Comic writers and artists knew exactly what they were doing when they created our favorite female comic book characters. After all, we men are simple creatures.

While almost every female character in a comic is beyond hot, we’ve narrowed a list down to 14. This list only includes characters that are actual heroes and not just eye candy. Sorry. No Mary Jane Watson on this list, but we still think you’ll enjoy it.

14. She-Hulk

What? You’re not into a green Amazonian woman who could break you in half?

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13. Susan Richards (The Invisible Woman)

Sue Richards has a lot going on for her. Not only is she a classic blonde beauty, she’s also intelligent and the hottest MILF in all of comics. She’s been providing more needed eye candy for Fantastic Four fans since 1961, and what’s more, she was portrayed by Jessica Alba in the movie adaptation.

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12. Sara Pezzini

We’ve never really followed Witchblade, but we’ve known about the comic and it’s main heroine Sara Pezzini since 1995. Why? Because she’s basically wearing nothing at all.

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11. Mrs. Marvel

Carol Danvers may not be the hottest heroine in comics—some people think that she has flaws—but seeing a blonde-haired woman in that kind of costume is certainly enough to keep our attention.

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10. Wonder Woman

Most people don’t include Wonder Woman on their lists. We’re thinking because it’s too obvious, but there’s no denying that she is the quintessential comic hottie. Since 1941, she’s had the full attention of adolescent boys and men, as well. The Lynda Carter TV series didn’t hurt either.

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9. Black Canary

Dinah Drake is a pioneer for super heroines. She was a member of the first superhero team to appear in comic books, the Justice Society of America, and has only gotten hotter throughout the years.

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8. Jean Grey

We’re pretty sure that there’s a part of every man that secretly wants a fiery red-head. Well, it doesn’t get any more specific than when Jean Grey becomes the Phoenix.

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7. Vampirella

Besides being a vampire, which has to make a woman a bit feistier, Vampirella also saves the day by wearing essentially a red piece of string.

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6. Power Girl

Honestly, we’re not huge fans of Superman. But give those powers to a well-endowed blonde wearing a revealing outfit, and we’re hooked.

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5. The Black Cat

Along with a feisty attitude and being excellent at gymnastics, look at that suit. Felicia Hardy’s alter-ego is almost enough to make Spider-Woman forget about Mary Jane.

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4. Zatanna

Zatanna may be a real magician and a member of the JLA, but since her 1964 debut, we only really care about that skimpy outfit of hers.

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3. Emma Frost

The White Queen’s hotness is due to one simple fact: Her outfit typically consists of lingerie, just watch January Jones in X-Men: First Class for further proof. That’s a gutsy move when one of her abilities is mind reading.

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2. The Black Widow

If Jean Grey is too fiery for your taste, how about a Russian assassin named Natasha Romanov? Beside being lethal, secretive, and sexy as hell, she’s been portrayed by Scarlett Johansson on film. Not too shabby.

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1. Catwoman

Is there any other choice? Catwoman is the perfect example of super heroine hotness. Besides being one of the hottest characters on the pages of comic book, she’s been sexy in every other medium. TV? Check. Movies? You bet. Video Games? Yup. Animated? Definitely.

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