Apple’s 9-pin Dock Connector Shares Similar Dimension with Micro USB

Apple dock connector to USB cable

Source: Apple dock connector to USB cable | Official Website

New images were released last Saturday, showing a side-by-side comparison of a Micro-A USB and the rumored 9-pin Dock Connector. The component, which is said that Apple will deploy with the next-generation iPhone, came from a French blog Nowhere Else.

The photo showed that the 9-pin dock connector has a dimension similar with the Micro-A USB. In addition, the image was furnished by the same tipster who sent out the previous photos of the smaller dock connector last month.

However, the recent picture shows advertising paraphernalia from MEIZU, a Chinese electronics firm. The source replied not to “pay attention to [that] detail” while pointing out that the component is a legitimate Apple product. Although the validity of the source cannot be verified, the images still showed a dock connector that is identical to previous photos.

More About Next-gen iPhone’s 9-pin Dock Connector

As seen in the picture, the alleged 9-pin dock connector is almost similar in size to the Micro USB plug, but there were rumors that Apple’s component will be slightly longer and thinner.

As with majority of USB connectors, the Micro-A type features a casing where the contact pins are aligned in a linear manner. It will then require an opening into which the tongue of a “female receptacle” can interfere. Apple’s existing 30-pin connector is built on similar principle, although its new and smaller design replaces it with a more robust male/female system.

It was previously reported that Apple’s 9-pin dock connector will have eight pins on either side of a metal shell, which serves as the ninth pin. In turn, it will enable an orientation-independent use. With this new and smaller 9-pin dock connector, users will no longer need to check whether the component is right side up when inserting it to any Apple devices.

Other than the 9-pin dock connector, it is also expected that the next-generation iPhone will feature a 4-inch display, in-cell touch panel, as well as the company’s latest mobile operating system, the iOS 6.

Apple Up Next

The Cupertino-based company is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhone this September 12. Additionally, it was reported last week that Apple already sent out an invitation to the media people, confirming the so-called “iPhone 5” announcement.

There were also reports that the company will start taking pre-orders for its upcoming handset on the same day of the event, while initial shipment will kick off in the United States on September 21.

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