Mark Sanchez Dating Eva Longoria – Cougar Alert!

Eva Longoria

Now we know what type of men Eva Longoria goes for.  Athletes!  After finalizing her divorce with basketball pro, Tony Parker last year, Longoria has finally moved on to a new man.  But this time, she stays off the basketball court and on to the football field.

The actress opened up to “Extra’s” Mario Lopez (after much digging from Lopez, that is), and admitted that she is seeing someone new.  Lopez showed her the New York Post headline that says she has been ‘celebrating’ with NFL player, Mark Sanchez.  Although she claimed at first to ‘not knowing what they were celebrating’, after a laugh she finally caved and said:

“No, Mark and I are, you know, fine. We’re happy. Just dating.”

Dating is the word, people.  And if you care enough to date somebody from a team, you must also be a fan of the team as well.  Longoria said:

“I’m a big fan of the Jets because they have the best center in the NFL, Nick Mangold.”

Okay gents, you still have a chance, if you can tackle Sanchez that is.

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