Savor Hops With the Top 21 Beers of Autumn

Summer may be over, but that’s no excuse to sulk about the changing of seasons. The fall has a lot to offer, mainly a little something called football, and there’s also the seasonal autumn beers that are available.

So, whether you’re watching the game, hanging around a bonfire, or prepping for the slew of Holidays that are rapidly approaching, here are the top 21 fall beers to make this time of year something to celebrate.

21. Samuel Adams Oktoberfest

The Boston brewery’s version of a classic German beer. It’s not only creamy and smooth, but also rich and crisp. Plus, Sam Adams is readily available and affordable.

20. The Bruery “Autumn Maple”

Here’s a unique beer that you don’t see everyday. This Belgian-style ale is brewed with 17 pounds of yams per barrel along with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, molasses, and maple syrup. Instead of dessert, sip on this spicy and sugary 10 percent ABV ale.

19. Harpoon Octoberfest

While this may not stand out as much as other Oktoberfest beers, it’s a refreshing change of pace. It’s a soft and smooth full-bodied beer that leaves you with a mild bitterness.

18. Breckenridge Autumn Ale

This full-bodied ale is dark and rich, which is known for it’s roasted malt flavors and coffee aftertaste. Perfect for those colder fall nights.

17. Sixpoint Autumnation

This Brooklyn brewery’s celebration to the fall. Besides the interesting packaging, it’s flavor is a combination of fresh hops and pumpkin, ginger, and white pepper.

16. Brooklyn Brewery Post Road Pumpkin Ale

This medium- to light-bodied beer blends pumpkin flavors nicely with barley malt. The orange amber-colored brew is also spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

15. Weyerbacher Autumn Fest

An excellent choice for those looking for a transitional beer between summer and fall beers. The rich caramel malts and a mildly hopped finish actually make for an easy to drink ale.

13. Goose Island Nut Brown Ale

The Chicago brewery has yet another great beer. While this may be sweeter than other brown ales since it has caramel and honey flavors with a hint of bittersweet dark chocolate, the smoky roasted malts balance it out.

12. Firestone Walker Velvet Merlin

This oatmeal stout from Southern California is aged in bourbon barrels that make for a roasty and chocolaty deep brown brew. Perfect for the end of the fall or early winter.

11. Sierra Nevada Tumbler

Here’s a malty beer with notes of sweet toffee and some woody pine. It’s probably best during the early fall before it gets too cold.

10. New Belgium Lips of Faith Kick

This Belgian-style dubbel is a blend of 75 percent pumpkin-cranberry ale and 25 percent oak-barrel-aged ale. In the end, it contains all five tastes—sweet, savory, salty, bitter, and sour—for a light-bodied ale.

9. Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale

If you want a pumpkin ale, then look no further. Despite the strong pumpkin flavors, the ale has a very light, crisp, and traditional taste that’s essential for this time of year.

8. Lakefront Pumpkin Lager

The Milwaukee brewery claims that this is the only pumpkin lager out there. Regardless, this medium-light body is easy to drink with the aroma of fall spices.

7. Four Peaks Pumpkin Stout

Despite it’s name, this pumpkin stout isn’t just one dimensional. This dark, yet creamy and smooth, beer begins with a pumpkin spice taste, but the cinnamon and nutmeg quickly take over.

6. Bell’s Kalamazoo Stout

The flavors of coffee, chocolate, toffee, and berries are enough to balance out the bitterness of this dark stout.

5. Anchors Porter

This coffee and chocolate porter is a rich and complex brew from one of America’s oldest craft breweries.

4. Ayinger Ur-Weisse

This German beer is an unfiltered, dark-wheat beer with hints of banana and clove, along with the slight flavor of sour green apple and moderate hop crispness in the finish.

3. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale or Indian Brown Ale

This Delaware has two excellent fall beers that we wouldn’t neglect. There’s the full-bodied Punkin Ale with it’s smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar (or the malty Indian Brown Ale with it’s caramel notes of a Scotch Ale) and the hopping of an India Pale Ale.

2. Buffalo Bill’s Brewery “Original Pumpkin Ale”

Besides being the first modern beer to embrace pumpkin, this ale can be simply described as “pumpkin pie in a bottle.”

1. Founders Breakfast Stout

This dark and thick stout is full of coffee and chocolate flavors combined with a roasted malt for a full and rich flavor.

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