Rumor Has It: iPhone 5 Outperforms iOS and Android Devices

Source: Apple iPhone 5 | Official Website

Last Sunday, Primate Lab’s online Geekbench logged a benchmark score for Apple’s iPhone 5. Having a Geekbench score of 1,601, the new handset was able to outperform every iOS and Android devices on the website.

Geekbench Score for “iPhone 5,2”

It was reported that Geekbench logged a score of 1,601 from an “iPhone 5,2” last Sunday. The device is running on iOS 6 on dual-core ARMv7 processor, which is clocked at 1.02 GHz with 1 GB of RAM. Although it’s possible to spoof device identifiers, the specifications go in line with the previous report that Apple’s A6 SoC features 1 GB of DRAM. The processor also leverages an ARMv7 CPU with custom-designed cores.

In case the Geekbench score is legitimate, it only shows that iPhone 5,2 outranked highest-performing Android devices like ASUS Nexus 7, and Samsung Galaxy S III. Furthermore, no iOS devices were able to surpass the 800 mark. In fact, the iPhone 4S got only 631, while a CDMA model of the third-generation iPad scored 734.

Because of the benchmark result, many thought that the iPhone 5 will feature a quad-core A6 processor that is built on Samsung’s 32-nanometer fabrication process. However, the data shows that the chip only has two processors that run at a higher clock speed than its predecessor.

Following the announcement of iPhone 5 on September 12, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller pointed out that the new A6 chip doubled both the processing and graphics performance of the legacy A5 SoC. The component also promised an increase in battery life, which results to 8 hours of 3G or LTE talk time and Web browsing.

An exact configuration for the A6 SoC is still unavailable, but a complete teardown and analysis of the iPhone 5 is expected to yield answers this week once the handset becomes available.

Apple’s iPhone 5: Shipping Sooner than Expected

In relation to this, AMOG reported yesterday that some early iPhone 5 orders may ship sooner than expected. Based on an email sent out by Apple to some of its customers:

We have some good news concerning your recent iPhone 5 purchase. We expect it to be delivered to you on the first day of iPhone 5 availability, Friday, September 21. The delivery date we previously sent you was not accurate.

Prior to this, the company’s online store posted that the estimated shipping time for its latest handset is in two weeks.

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