Introducing Kat Von D’s New Man: DeadMau5

Kat Von D

If inked-out chicks are your preference, you’re probably already in lust with Kat Von D.  The tattoo goddess has been somewhat private about her personal life, but surprise surprise… her new man isn’t. After her break-up with ex fiance Jesse James, the reality star apparently has started dating a DJ. Yep, she’s dating DeadMau5 who proclaimed his love via Twitter.

“Yeah, im [in] love. inb4 I find a f**k to give over the Internet implodes over it 😉 at least I’m happy! Lol”

Okay she’s sexy and he’s happy. But this guy can’t seem to tone it down as he tweeted again after spending an afternoon with Von D.

“aw man… i just had a f**kin awesome day and it’s not even over yet. 😀 feelsgoodman.”

In his Facebook page, Deadmau5 dedicated an album titled “a day with the kats :D” and posted pics of Von D and himself as you can see one below:


So what does Kat Von D has to say about this? So far she remains silent.


Do you think he shouldn’t have been too public about the new relationship?


Images via Starmax Worldwide – Imagecollect, Deadmau5 Facebook Page

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